Monday, April 30, 2007


We weren't outside as much as we could have been on the weekend and it actually wasn't as nice as I'd hoped it would be. On Saturday, we spent the morning clearing the backyard (and trying to build barriers to keep you from running down the driveway to go by yourself to the park) since in the afternoon our yard was flooded with shirtless men with tattoos taking out our existing brick patio and digging the big area for the new and improved brick patio. That work lasted all afternoon so we hung out inside with our eyes on the work in progress.

Last night after supper we headed out for a walk to give you one last session outside before the new week began. We had to walk on the opposite side of the street from our house or you wouldn't be able resist the urge to bolt to the park. As we walked along, you spent a little more time than usual inspecting everything on the ground. We got about three or four houses down the street when you pointed up and said "tree," then with a coy smile, you approached its trunk and said "hug" as you threw your arms around it in an unprovoked loving embrace.

Every few houses, you would revert into kitty-mode and crawl along the sidewalk meowing. While concrete isn't great for the knees in your pants, crawling also makes for a very slow go of it. I asked that you at least crawl on the grass which opened up a whole new world for you. As you crawled along one lawn, you got distracted by the numerous blackbirds squawking so you decided to sit where you were. When the bird noises subsided, you began picking at the grass. You pulled up a single blade, held it to your mouth and gave a questioning grunt asking "Can I eat this?" I had to explain that we don't eat grass, we eat chives which I had introduced to you in the garden the morning before.

As a means of encouraging you to keep moving, we often tell you that we should go and find a cat or a squirrel. Soon we came upon a fluffy, fat cat on a leash in a front yard. You were enthralled and used your new skill of saying, "Here kitty kitty kitty," as you squatted on the edge of both the lawn and sidewalk while you patted your knees. You are generally cautious and know not to go too close or approach them unless they approach you and display their friendliness. This cat was not interested and even though he would barely look at you, you couldn't take your eyes off of it.

You have a knack for spotting toys from a mile away. And kids. And balls, too. Oh, the balls. As I carried you for a bit, you started exclaiming, "Car! Car!" Yes, there's a car in that driveway. Of course, I am the fool because there was a toy riding car RIGHT THERE that you threw your body towards. Moments later, you said "Ball, ball." because you could hear some kids bouncing a basketball. Probably the sweetest thing yesterday was when we were going through the grass park (what we call a park with no playground). You clacked together two rocks that you had been carrying for a while. Once we got to the sidewalk that divided the grassy area, you sat down to arrange your rocks. You saw a bird in a tree just ahead of you. While your dad and I stood watching you from a few metres away, you began jabbering away to this bird, showing him your rocks. Then as you spoke your nonsense, you pointed to yourself and then over at us as if to say to the bird, "I'm Lily and that's my mom and dad over there."

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