Sunday, August 27, 2006

So much cuteness in one day

These pictures are from yesterday and I have just one thing to say - it is SO adorable that you cover your ears when daddy's loudly drilling to put up your baby gate. Where did you learn that???

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The happiest baby on the block

That's you! Holy cow, has your personality ever blossomed this week. You are suddenly funny, find your dad and me hilarious, giggle at nothing, and love being tickled. The most joyous squeals vibrate from your little body, as well as many new sounds. Sometimes we think you're just going to blurt out complete sentences.

You have also been climbing - EVERYTHING. The bookshelf, my legs, the end table, onto the couch and bed, up the dining room chair (down the chair to eat the food you've flung to the floor), and even up walls. You just never seem to stop - or even slow down. Walking alone is more favourable than crawling now in little Frankenbaby movements. Sometimes you surprise me because all of a sudden you be RIGHT THERE when just a second earlier you were across the room. Your new found confidence is so apparent.

You are also a little show-off. You crouch down to then jump up and show everyone how big you are, all with a huge, proud smile looking for praise. You and your dad came downtown for lunch yesterday. When daddy was paying, we went out into the mall where you were in your glory. There were people everywhere and you flashed your big, fake, gorgeous smile to almost everyone whose eye you could catch. Gone are the days when someone's glance could bring you to tears in less than two seconds!

My favourite is how happy you are when I come home from work. I am so excited when I see you sitting or standing in the window, waiting. The giant smile on your face just melts my heart. And oh, the hugs. You give the best hugs. You are the reason I hurry home everyday.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Tough transition

Hey kiddo. It's been a different week to say the least. I went back to work on Tuesday and you did well. You didn't cry when I left and you were VERY good for your dad, even though Skye prevented you from having an afternoon nap. And oh, the hugs and smiles and love you gave me when I came home at lunch and after work. Day 2 was a little harder with more tears, but you again were good and napped well. Day 3 you caught on to what was going on and were quite upset everytime I tried to separate myself from you to get ready. I could even hear you howling as I drove away. Still, you napped for an hour and a half in the morning and almost three hours in the afternoon. But when I came home that day, you were stuck on my like you couldn't bear to be apart any longer. Fortunately I am home today - and the next two days. (But I hurt from you clinging to me all night...) Despite the tough transition, you have really excelled at becoming a toddler. You can play pat-a-cake with all the actions (even though you could do itsy-bitsy spider before), you say 'ahhhhh' after taking a drink, you can fill up containers in the tub and pour them on yourself, you can put on your hat (and identify your hair and hat), you can understand almost everything we say, and you call Skye by patting the bed/couch and panting like a puppy.

Right now you are sleeping. I went to bed with you last night and then you even let me sleep in until 8 when you got up at 6:45 with your dad. This working thing sure takes a lot out of both of us. On a really good note, though, your daddy really appreciates spending this time with you (without mommy around to cling to). Thanks for being such a good girl.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday, Lily girl!

Lily, you turned a year old yesterday. Oh my, I find it both hard to believe and easy. Only a year ago your dad and I lead very leisurely lives - sleeping in, accomplishing tasks uninterrupted, eating meals that were never on the floor at one point. But those things are overrated and we're so happy now that you are in our lives. You make us smile with your defiant nature (like blantantly ignoring my 'no's' or even thinking it's comical) or at the funny things we can get you to mimic from us (like saying 'ahhhh' after taking a drink). I love watching you wake up in the morning, with such vigour to start the day. Or how much you love the toothpaste tube and throw a tantrum when I try to take it away. And how you hug me so tight around the neck and pat my back. How you reach for me from everyone else's arms... You are the most amazing person I've ever met. My first day back at work is less than ten hours away. I will really miss you every minute I am away from you. You have been attached to me (and I to you) for 366 days now and it won't be easy to be apart.

We had a birthday party for you; Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Uncle Nigel and Jessica came to help us celebrate. You had lots of fun opening presents, lots of supper (sitting on Uncle Nigel's lap and eating from his plate) and you smushed the lovely chocolate and pink icing cupcakes I so lovingly made for you. You wore a lovely blue and pink dress that made you look even more precious and darling than you are all ready - and that's no easy task!

You are now a big girl, shedding more of your baby traits every day. Please keep some of them...for at least a little while longer.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

So very proud

Well, wee one. You are a walker. A walker who can turn around while walking and walk NOT towards me or dad. Very impressive. We have been practising quite a bit, though. Especially to show off at your very first Hood family reunion where you were very popular, by the way. You also became a telephone talker last week. You pick up the phone, the remote, pens and other such household items and put them to your ear to talk. Most of the time, you'd rather I spoke, but you will chat if in a very good mood. I got a terrific video of you answering the phone after it rang the other day. Unfortunately, you really want me to answer the phone everytime it rings and most of the time, it's a telemarketer and we try to stay far from the phone in those instances, but it's adorable that you really get it. Oh, something else you've been doing that is SO sweet is holding both your hands palms-up and saying 'enh?' That's how you ask questions - until you get the ability to speak in sentences. You are learning constantly so it could be any day now... Actually, you can identify A LOT of things with your pointing finger. Like Mom, Dad, Nana, puppy (Skye), radio, fan, owl, Scuffy, your shoes and hat, but especially every light in every room everywhere we go. We sometimes can't believe your a little human being that will grow to know so much more soon.

In other news, we've been to your first feeding therapy session. It went well. Better than maybe it should have... You ate (tried) everything we brought for you including a quesadilla, peas, corn, cookies, yogurt and a pork/apple/veggie casserole. Of course, I was told to bring you hungry so you hadn't eaten anything since before you got out of bed that morning and you didn't eat enough quantity to constitute a meal, but it was a start. You've been a lot more open to food, even opening your mouth for bites! You ate pretty good at the reunion, too - macaroni salad, noodle salad, taco salad, hot dog, watermelon and of course, lots of ice cream. So good job. Hopefully you'll enjoy your birthday cake on Sunday - I promise to add a side of ice cream with it!