Friday, April 20, 2007


It's so funny all the things you say to us. You walk into the kitchen, point at the freezer and say "ice." You know, because there is no snow so what other no-calorie snack will have to do? And when you finish the ice cube that your dad or I so nicely cut into small managable pieces, you say "Mo." Sure, have some mo.

We took you to Nana's on Wednesday morning (cleaning day). You kept saying "cah cah" and at first we thought you wanted coffee because Nana was making some. No, you wanted cah cah. Finally you showed us where it was - the hutch where Nana always keeps cah cah. Yes, candy. You also ask for (demand) chocolate and we still have plenty of Easter chocolate so you're in luck...

On Friday morning, you and I went out shopping, I put on my sunglasses and you just had to wear yours. You leave them on now because you are such a big girl. On the way home, you could barely keep your eyes open. I asked if you just wanted to rest them for a couple minutes and you were out. Didn't even wake up when I carried you in and plopped you on the couch. Finally! It took twenty months but you now fall asleep in the vehicle AND sleep heavily enough to be brought in and get somewhat undressed. Just like a real baby.

The funniest had to be on the weekend. It was gorgeous out. We were outside for three days, but at certain points we still had to come in for food, drink and sleep. I would tell you it was time to go inside to which you would respond, "Owside!" It was so cute I would just tell you we had to go inside to hear you talk back. Of course, over the weekend you also became proficient at saying "slide" and "poc" (park). On Saturday alone, we probably went to the park five times. Thankfully it's really close.

You are spectacular at counting to ten. But two is your favourite number. You pick up something in one hand, then something in the other and say "two." Your alphabet is pretty good, too, but your singing Twinkle, Twinkle and My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean is the best. You enunciate "star", "are" and "high" very well and the chorus of My Bonny, you belt out "back" smashingly! Oh, how we all love to sing and play piano.

Each night after supper this week, we've gone for a walk which has been terrific. You hold my hand and run down the sidewalk. You are fascinated by fire hydrants, love manhole covers and love jumping off the slightest elevated surface - like from a lawn onto the driveway. Your face just lights up out there. What a welcome change from being cooped up all winter.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 30. Today we practiced singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles. You should do wonderfully.

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