Monday, April 30, 2007


We weren't outside as much as we could have been on the weekend and it actually wasn't as nice as I'd hoped it would be. On Saturday, we spent the morning clearing the backyard (and trying to build barriers to keep you from running down the driveway to go by yourself to the park) since in the afternoon our yard was flooded with shirtless men with tattoos taking out our existing brick patio and digging the big area for the new and improved brick patio. That work lasted all afternoon so we hung out inside with our eyes on the work in progress.

Last night after supper we headed out for a walk to give you one last session outside before the new week began. We had to walk on the opposite side of the street from our house or you wouldn't be able resist the urge to bolt to the park. As we walked along, you spent a little more time than usual inspecting everything on the ground. We got about three or four houses down the street when you pointed up and said "tree," then with a coy smile, you approached its trunk and said "hug" as you threw your arms around it in an unprovoked loving embrace.

Every few houses, you would revert into kitty-mode and crawl along the sidewalk meowing. While concrete isn't great for the knees in your pants, crawling also makes for a very slow go of it. I asked that you at least crawl on the grass which opened up a whole new world for you. As you crawled along one lawn, you got distracted by the numerous blackbirds squawking so you decided to sit where you were. When the bird noises subsided, you began picking at the grass. You pulled up a single blade, held it to your mouth and gave a questioning grunt asking "Can I eat this?" I had to explain that we don't eat grass, we eat chives which I had introduced to you in the garden the morning before.

As a means of encouraging you to keep moving, we often tell you that we should go and find a cat or a squirrel. Soon we came upon a fluffy, fat cat on a leash in a front yard. You were enthralled and used your new skill of saying, "Here kitty kitty kitty," as you squatted on the edge of both the lawn and sidewalk while you patted your knees. You are generally cautious and know not to go too close or approach them unless they approach you and display their friendliness. This cat was not interested and even though he would barely look at you, you couldn't take your eyes off of it.

You have a knack for spotting toys from a mile away. And kids. And balls, too. Oh, the balls. As I carried you for a bit, you started exclaiming, "Car! Car!" Yes, there's a car in that driveway. Of course, I am the fool because there was a toy riding car RIGHT THERE that you threw your body towards. Moments later, you said "Ball, ball." because you could hear some kids bouncing a basketball. Probably the sweetest thing yesterday was when we were going through the grass park (what we call a park with no playground). You clacked together two rocks that you had been carrying for a while. Once we got to the sidewalk that divided the grassy area, you sat down to arrange your rocks. You saw a bird in a tree just ahead of you. While your dad and I stood watching you from a few metres away, you began jabbering away to this bird, showing him your rocks. Then as you spoke your nonsense, you pointed to yourself and then over at us as if to say to the bird, "I'm Lily and that's my mom and dad over there."

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Out darn spot

A week ago Friday, we found that you had quite the nasty fever when I checked on you at night. I woke you up and gave you Advil and the next day you were seemingly fine, a little more tired than usual, but fine. Again on Saturday night and Sunday night you were overly warm. Your dad had a conference in Moose Jaw so I bathed you on Monday night and noticed these spots on your chest. And on your neck. And back. And crotch. So I called Nana who said it sounded like measles. Great, I thought - right before you were supposed to have your second measles vaccination. So I stayed home with you on Tuesday and we went to the doctor. I don't know why we bother, but I suppose it's better to take you than not. The doctor said without a blood test, there was no way of knowing if it really was the measles since all these rashes were so similar so she wrote it up as Fifth Disease and sent us on our way. And we had to cancel your immunization appointment, your 18 month one which was already two months late... (Not really our fault, they are just super backed-up.) You were itchy the next couple days but the rash really only lasted a day and a half before completely disappearing.

Your intense attachement to me during your illness has not disappeared and you call "mama" in a panic when I am only two feet away. Poor kid. And poor mama - I can't sleep in anymore because you sound like a tortured animal when Dad tries to take you downstairs. Ice chips and Blue's Clues only last maybe half an hour before you remember that I am not there and you get desperate and I get woken up.

You are a super talker this week, repeating EVERYTHING we say and everything you hear. It's very sweet, too when you sing in the van. You get about a third of the words right in the right spot. The other day you were singing, "Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man." Except it was more like "no muff man." I don't think there is much you can't say these days. You surprise us with all your little sentences and thoughts about how we are not very attentive to your need to go to the park ten times a day. Throw in some heavy-duty tantrums with you slamming your head into the wall, door or floor and we can almost understand what you're trying to tell us...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What does an animal say?

You've known most of your animals sounds for many months now. As you will see by this video, they are like second nature to you and you sometimes glance at me like, "Duh, Mama. Don't you know anything?" Apparently I don't know any more animals to quiz you about. I think it's funny how when we eat supper, I tell you, "Eat this chicken," and you say bawk, bawk, bawk. At first I thought it would be a bad idea to make the connection between your animal friends and the food we eat, but now I enjoy telling you that this ham comes from pigs, oink, oink and this steak comes from cows, moooo. And that the cat running across the street is going to eat that squirrel.

Animal sounds - Lily at 20 months on Vimeo

Friday, April 20, 2007


It's so funny all the things you say to us. You walk into the kitchen, point at the freezer and say "ice." You know, because there is no snow so what other no-calorie snack will have to do? And when you finish the ice cube that your dad or I so nicely cut into small managable pieces, you say "Mo." Sure, have some mo.

We took you to Nana's on Wednesday morning (cleaning day). You kept saying "cah cah" and at first we thought you wanted coffee because Nana was making some. No, you wanted cah cah. Finally you showed us where it was - the hutch where Nana always keeps cah cah. Yes, candy. You also ask for (demand) chocolate and we still have plenty of Easter chocolate so you're in luck...

On Friday morning, you and I went out shopping, I put on my sunglasses and you just had to wear yours. You leave them on now because you are such a big girl. On the way home, you could barely keep your eyes open. I asked if you just wanted to rest them for a couple minutes and you were out. Didn't even wake up when I carried you in and plopped you on the couch. Finally! It took twenty months but you now fall asleep in the vehicle AND sleep heavily enough to be brought in and get somewhat undressed. Just like a real baby.

The funniest had to be on the weekend. It was gorgeous out. We were outside for three days, but at certain points we still had to come in for food, drink and sleep. I would tell you it was time to go inside to which you would respond, "Owside!" It was so cute I would just tell you we had to go inside to hear you talk back. Of course, over the weekend you also became proficient at saying "slide" and "poc" (park). On Saturday alone, we probably went to the park five times. Thankfully it's really close.

You are spectacular at counting to ten. But two is your favourite number. You pick up something in one hand, then something in the other and say "two." Your alphabet is pretty good, too, but your singing Twinkle, Twinkle and My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean is the best. You enunciate "star", "are" and "high" very well and the chorus of My Bonny, you belt out "back" smashingly! Oh, how we all love to sing and play piano.

Each night after supper this week, we've gone for a walk which has been terrific. You hold my hand and run down the sidewalk. You are fascinated by fire hydrants, love manhole covers and love jumping off the slightest elevated surface - like from a lawn onto the driveway. Your face just lights up out there. What a welcome change from being cooped up all winter.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 30. Today we practiced singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles. You should do wonderfully.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

With attachment

In the middle of the night last night you woke up and saw me laying beside you, facing away. I could hear you rustle closer to me. Then I felt you kiss the back of my head before laying down again and going back to sleep. That is exactly why I like having you near me at night. That - and to get in more time with you. Some days it feels like we barely see you. In the morning, your dad and I are rushing to get ready for work, at lunchtime we have to eat, then at supper we have to cook. We only get a couple hours with you before bed and your dad and I are usually tired from the long day - and you can be kinda crabby by day's end.

I don't know what it is but it's been hard dealing with you lately. You cling to me like a static-y sock. If Dad touches you, you scream and pull away. When I have to shower, you cry and call out for me. Everywhere you go, you hold my hand and pull me along. Maybe you've been tired. Maybe your emerging teeth are bugging you. Maybe you worry I won't come back when I leave. Or maybe you just love me so much that you want to spend every second in my presence! Eight months ago, I know that I couldn't imagine going back to work and not spending all my time with you like I had for an entire year and a day. I adapted, but I have maturity and 28 more years on my side. It's tough, though, finding the right balance while still making money to finance our lives.

In other news, you are really coming out of your shell around strangers lately. We went for supper to Montana's on Friday. Everytime someone walked by you said, "Hi!" You were even so brave to walk over to another table alone where a girl a bit older than you was sitting with her family and grandparents - and hang off their table and steal a menu off of it. Thankfully it wasn't very busy so the waitresses didn't mind you standing beside our table and greeting everyone as they walked by. They even thought you were very cute!

You have a developed sense of humour these days. Obviously it was Easter over the weekend and you had enough chocolate to last you the rest of the year, though that's unlikely... Anyway, everytime I pulled out the camera during our Easter brunch, you put on your ear-to-ear photogenic smile. I don't even ask you to smile anymore, you just do. Another silly thing we do is make funny faces. You'll screw your face up in the oddest ways to provoke a laugh out of us. It works everytime. And we bought a rug for the living room on Sunday. When we layed it out, you ran really fast in circles, squeaking out the most hilarious high-pitched giggles. The more dizzy you got, the more fun it became.

Fortunately, we caught some almost-nice weather and got out for a walk after supper on Sunday. (Before it snowed again and completely covered EVERYTHING.) You had Skye's leash and walked her down the sidewalk. She kept pulling you until you were practically running - at which point you just let go and the leash retracted and hit the poor dog... Then you discovered your shadow. You were standing on the road on a quiet bay when you noticed this thing at your feet. I showed you how I waved and my shadow did exactly the same. Soon you were dancing on the road and swinging your arms around. You looked so impressed. And the excitement didn't end there. We got to check out a giant red squirrel, too. He ran across the road, up a tree and sat staring at us from a branch maybe five feet above our heads. You clicked your tongue to call him and we actually got to watch him for three or four minutes before he sprinted up the tree and across two more trees. I find it so unnerving when they jump from tree to tree... Hopefully the snow melts and we find ourselves outside this weekend.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

Look - it's the Easter bunny! No, it's just a lovely Easter Lily dressed up like a bunny. Awwww, aren't you cute?

Well, it's good Friday. Good because we don't have to work and can stay home with you. Actually you let me sleep in this morning until ten which I really appreciated. And you are napping with your dad now. Your dad has Monday off, too so you can get in some quality time together. We are having Easter brunch on Sunday at our house. Nigel, Jessica, Nana and Skye will come over before Nana works in the afternoon. You might even get more Easter loot! (Grandma and Grandpa spoiled you with Winnie the Pooh and Friends chocolates, two outfits and two books last weekend.)

I was trying to remember Easter last year. We went to the cabin so I poked around and here are some pictures from Easter weekend last year, one from the cabin and the other was at Nana's house.

Speaking of houses, Nigel and Jessica just bought a house. Prices have really gone up on starter homes so they thought they should get into the market before they couldn't afford one at all. It's cute and they should have possession by the middle of May. Maybe we can pawn off all of their stuff that's still in our basement...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Subject: nothing/everything

I know I've been talking about you talking, but this past week has brought your unprovoked speech into daily life. When you see something, you say what it is. Like yesterday you opened a kitchen drawer and said "bat" and sure enough, there was a plastic bat from Halloween there. It's also adorable that you started saying "Yeah, yeah" instead of your long drawn-out mmmmhmmm. I really can't keep up. I just know that it's adorable that you repeat everything we say now.

We went up to Saskatoon last Thursday afternoon. You, me, Dad, Nana and Skye piled in the van for a weekend away. We originally went up for Uncle Marvy's 60th birthday surprise party, but Dad and I went to a lame Juno kick-off party on Thursday night and then we spent the rest of the weekend at Blackstrap with Grandma and Grandpa. Some highlights from the weekend included seeing cows and dogs and cats at the Hurlburt farm, being absolutely enthralled with your 2nd cousin Katie, staying up late and passing out solid, eating chocolate and suckers and watching Mojo the cat's tail flinch when you touched it.

I'm tired. It was a long weekend - and it's already Wednesday tomorrow - and it's a short week, Good Friday in two days. Here's a video from the cabin before Grandma and Grandpa came. It shows off how I am a wizard with words and how you can answer questions...honestly...sometimes. And you were half naked, just how you like it.

Who put the toothpicks in the water thing? on Vimeo