Wednesday, April 11, 2007

With attachment

In the middle of the night last night you woke up and saw me laying beside you, facing away. I could hear you rustle closer to me. Then I felt you kiss the back of my head before laying down again and going back to sleep. That is exactly why I like having you near me at night. That - and to get in more time with you. Some days it feels like we barely see you. In the morning, your dad and I are rushing to get ready for work, at lunchtime we have to eat, then at supper we have to cook. We only get a couple hours with you before bed and your dad and I are usually tired from the long day - and you can be kinda crabby by day's end.

I don't know what it is but it's been hard dealing with you lately. You cling to me like a static-y sock. If Dad touches you, you scream and pull away. When I have to shower, you cry and call out for me. Everywhere you go, you hold my hand and pull me along. Maybe you've been tired. Maybe your emerging teeth are bugging you. Maybe you worry I won't come back when I leave. Or maybe you just love me so much that you want to spend every second in my presence! Eight months ago, I know that I couldn't imagine going back to work and not spending all my time with you like I had for an entire year and a day. I adapted, but I have maturity and 28 more years on my side. It's tough, though, finding the right balance while still making money to finance our lives.

In other news, you are really coming out of your shell around strangers lately. We went for supper to Montana's on Friday. Everytime someone walked by you said, "Hi!" You were even so brave to walk over to another table alone where a girl a bit older than you was sitting with her family and grandparents - and hang off their table and steal a menu off of it. Thankfully it wasn't very busy so the waitresses didn't mind you standing beside our table and greeting everyone as they walked by. They even thought you were very cute!

You have a developed sense of humour these days. Obviously it was Easter over the weekend and you had enough chocolate to last you the rest of the year, though that's unlikely... Anyway, everytime I pulled out the camera during our Easter brunch, you put on your ear-to-ear photogenic smile. I don't even ask you to smile anymore, you just do. Another silly thing we do is make funny faces. You'll screw your face up in the oddest ways to provoke a laugh out of us. It works everytime. And we bought a rug for the living room on Sunday. When we layed it out, you ran really fast in circles, squeaking out the most hilarious high-pitched giggles. The more dizzy you got, the more fun it became.

Fortunately, we caught some almost-nice weather and got out for a walk after supper on Sunday. (Before it snowed again and completely covered EVERYTHING.) You had Skye's leash and walked her down the sidewalk. She kept pulling you until you were practically running - at which point you just let go and the leash retracted and hit the poor dog... Then you discovered your shadow. You were standing on the road on a quiet bay when you noticed this thing at your feet. I showed you how I waved and my shadow did exactly the same. Soon you were dancing on the road and swinging your arms around. You looked so impressed. And the excitement didn't end there. We got to check out a giant red squirrel, too. He ran across the road, up a tree and sat staring at us from a branch maybe five feet above our heads. You clicked your tongue to call him and we actually got to watch him for three or four minutes before he sprinted up the tree and across two more trees. I find it so unnerving when they jump from tree to tree... Hopefully the snow melts and we find ourselves outside this weekend.

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