Sunday, March 25, 2007

I did it!

While Dad and I were home for lunch one day last week, I was changing your diaper in your room on the change table. You were laying there surprisingly cooperative when you pointed at the wall where it appeared you had made a little scribble with a pencil. I asked, what's that? to which you replied, "I did it!" Wow, you know sentences. (You also claimed responsibility a couple days ago when you were eating a cracker in the living room. There were crumbs on the floor so I asked, who made this big mess? and you again exclaimed, "I did it!")

The temperature that last couple of days has been between 15 and 19 degrees, but fortunately there is a wind so it doesn't feel so warm. Almost all day yesterday we were outside. Between the backyard in the sandbox, the front sidewalk puddles to last evening at Wascana Lake checking out the seagulls and Canada geese standing on the ice fighting each other for chunks of bread that was being continually throw to them. And then this morning we went to the park for an hour where you loved the swings and slide, but hated leaving - again. It's a wonderful change from being cooped up all winter long. And I think it tires you out because last night you slept from 8 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., then back to sleep until 7.

Yesterday morning we went down to get your passport photo taken. Apparently they are in colour now; I would have preferred black and white as it is more timeless. And your hair was all blown out. Not very good picture, but I suppose it suits the purpose. Though it was also be an appropriate mugshot... It's quite funny, the solemn expressionless look on your face. Now you just have to look like that then when we fly down to Atlanta (and back) in June.

You got your first bike this week. It's a red tricycle; are there any other colours? You love it. Apparently you even sat on it and watched Blue's Clues. Your legs aren't quite long enough or strong enough to take you anywhere, but it'll come to you by summer. Dad and I think we're going to buy one of those bike trailers so we can enclose you and buckle you in while we ride bikes. You're not the type of kid who sits nicely in her high chair or stroller when, holy cow, running free is so much better. And someday when you have a sibling, you can both go in there...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring ahead

When the snow started melting last week, we were all so happy. The roads were almost dry and the puddle that took up almost the entire road on the other side of the street subsided to less than half. And then it all started again. We were baking cookies after supper. I don't know why I didn't get you to help before because you are so good at it. You poured in the raisins, chocolate chips and peanut butter chips and then tried to stir it. It was pretty thick so I used my strong arms from toting you around these past 19 months. Anyway, you hopped in the tub and I put them in the oven and went downstair to go on the computer. In the eleven minutes for it took for the timer to go off, everything had been covered in fluffy white snow. Not that it revived our snowman was then a foot high pointy lump in the backyard... While it was hard to get around the following couple days, it has started to melt again. The temps are to be above zero for the next week so this may finally be the end of the snow. Spring is just a few days away now and we're looking forward to getting outside. Hopefully by next winter, you'll forget that you really liked eating cup after cup of low/no calorie snow! (I like how you squat so that your bum just hovers over the floor.)

One a side note, yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. I wanted to do a festive photo of you to celebrate, but work has been so busy that I haven't had time to think about it. (Yes, I do a lot of my leisure time thinking at work, but that's okay because it's all inspiration and research for helping my do my job better. Without you, my Photoshop skills would be dismal and the SGI annual report cover would be awfully boring - again - like every year I do it.) Easter is only a couple weeks away so I better get working on that...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's a first!

Today is a landmark day. Today you are 19 months old and you slept through the entire night last night for the first time in your life. Ever. Before that, the longest was six hours. Once. Most of the time, we're lucky if you sleep for three hours. So yayyy for Lily! I remember even four or five months ago letting you scream for upwards of two hours. You never let up. Same thing when you were about nine months old. You just screamed for hours no matter how much we reassured you that you were okay.

It's okay if that doesn't happen again tonight. After this many months, the effects of sleep deprivation won't disappear overnight!


I've uploaded a bunch of new videos - nothing fancy - so check out live action Lily:

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Toothpicks, pepper and unprofessional photos

Again, you have been learning by leaps and bounds. We were headed home from the grocery store on Friday night and when the light turned green, you yelled GO! It's little things like that amaze us. Just watching as you put the pieces together and figure out how the world works. You can count, or at least memorize the numbers. If I say one, you always say 'tuuu', then 'feeee.' If we are counting to ten you always say 'niiiii' in the right spot - just before ten. When I exclaim, 'shoot!" you always repeat it...even though it doesn't sound quite as non-swear-word-like when you say it. Another favourite expression of yours is holy cow which you will practice saying over and over.

I've always had a knack for always knowing exactly what you want. This morning, we sat on the kitchen floor while Dad looked at flyers, I perused cookbooks and you drank our coffee. I had left the cupboard above the stove open to which you pointed and grunted to show how badly you needed something from there. Of course it was the hors d'ouevres pointy toothpicks that you would likely use to poke us with. When I said, toothpicks? You confirmed, 'toofpit." We told you, no, no toothpicks because they are sharp. Your pointing continued so then Dad asked it you wanted the pepper. Yes, 'peppup.' We compromised and gave you the birthday candle jar. But good girl for taking initiative and saying words - even when we don't ask you to! That's the new part.

We went to the Mackenzie Art Gallery yesterday. There were a couple new exhibits. You were mostly fond of checking everyone out and sitting on the benches and stools. There was one exhibit made mostly from destroyed ceramics and pottery. You made a point of getting as close as humanly possible without touching anything. There were even a tiny ceramic bunny and turtle that were in need kisses. Anyway, the weather was amazing. You didn't even need a touque or mitts. While we were walking to the van, we stopped so I could torture you and Dad and take some pictures of us. (Better get used to it because this is the way it has to be. Consider yourself lucky that I will never take you into Sears or WalMart to sit on a chunk of wood covered with carpet and cry in between shots.) By this point we had already given you a handful of snow to eat. Or rather, you just scooped it up yourself and took a chomp. When you were done, though you would not stop gazing at the crunchy white stuff and therefore would not look at the camera. It was kind of a dud day for photos. Oh well, you're still cute.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Our cool new friend

I've been waiting for a day just like today. I wanted to take the afternoon off so bad so that I could stay home and take you outside to play in the warm, fresh air. But when I left at lunchtime, you were napping and I am very busy at work.

The snow melted alot today. But that's okay because there was so much of it. It's still over two feet deep. So as soon as Dad and I came home at 5:15, I told you we were going outside after supper. Of course, you don't really know what after supper means so you kept walking to the back door, pointing and saying 'eh? We got your outerwear together, all ready for the excursion. After supper, I put you in tights over your socks with a pair of my chenille socks over your pants so that your feet wouldn't fall out of your new rubber boots. (You've long since grown out of your winter boots...not that you can balance in them anyway.) You wore two sets of lined pants (because we don't have water-resistant ski pants), your coat, new mitts, your baby touque and your scarf. You were very ready, but not very flexible in this ensemble.

We went outside and it was fabulous. Quite windy by this point, but warm enough to counter it. You were so happy to be outside, but you would have preferred the park over the backyard. Fortunately, we were able to make the best snowman that you were so fond of. The snow was perfectly sticky. You had a bit of a hard time getting around so we helped, but the best was the fact that you could hold large chunks of snow and eat them. Oh, the snow you could eat. Once you dug in, I don't think you thought anything could ever be better. You were that happy.

After almost 40 minutes we came in. To your dismay and tears. Hopefully it stays nice all weekend. Not so nice that all the snow goes, though. We need more chances to play in it.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


You just about broke my heart today. We were at the mall getting a few things for supper. Outside of Safeway are those kid's rides. I don't remember them costing more than a quarter but now they cost a whole dollar. Anyway, you had a vague interest in them so we thought it would be fun to give you a ride on one. There were other kids pretending to ride the hot dog truck and the helicopter so you got the car with the dalmation behind the seat. When I put the loonie in, you weren't quite sure what to make of it but you quickly warmed up, turning the steering wheel and pushing the buttons while slyly smiling. By the time it was over, there were other kids there with their mom and they were going to go for a ride so your dad promptly picked you up so they could have a chance. Almost immediately you were distraught. You began to cry very loudly, throwing your arms toward the ride. We had never seen you become so quickly attached and asked you to wave bye-bye to the rides (what normally works in the toy section) and began to whisk you away to the other end of the mall where the car was. You wailed the entire way. I never thought that would be my kid...not that I was embarassed. It was all quite sad. When we were almost to the exit, we stopped to put on your coat to which you violently protested. We tried to comfort you, telling you next time we come we could ride the car. You were having none of it so we stuffed your flailing arms into the jacket when you suddenly stopped crying, looked up at me and said, "please?" I was so close to tearing up. We've been practising our manners all weekend and you used them. In the right context. I almost took you back right then, but obviously had to say no. You're spoiled, but not too spoiled.