Sunday, April 29, 2007

Out darn spot

A week ago Friday, we found that you had quite the nasty fever when I checked on you at night. I woke you up and gave you Advil and the next day you were seemingly fine, a little more tired than usual, but fine. Again on Saturday night and Sunday night you were overly warm. Your dad had a conference in Moose Jaw so I bathed you on Monday night and noticed these spots on your chest. And on your neck. And back. And crotch. So I called Nana who said it sounded like measles. Great, I thought - right before you were supposed to have your second measles vaccination. So I stayed home with you on Tuesday and we went to the doctor. I don't know why we bother, but I suppose it's better to take you than not. The doctor said without a blood test, there was no way of knowing if it really was the measles since all these rashes were so similar so she wrote it up as Fifth Disease and sent us on our way. And we had to cancel your immunization appointment, your 18 month one which was already two months late... (Not really our fault, they are just super backed-up.) You were itchy the next couple days but the rash really only lasted a day and a half before completely disappearing.

Your intense attachement to me during your illness has not disappeared and you call "mama" in a panic when I am only two feet away. Poor kid. And poor mama - I can't sleep in anymore because you sound like a tortured animal when Dad tries to take you downstairs. Ice chips and Blue's Clues only last maybe half an hour before you remember that I am not there and you get desperate and I get woken up.

You are a super talker this week, repeating EVERYTHING we say and everything you hear. It's very sweet, too when you sing in the van. You get about a third of the words right in the right spot. The other day you were singing, "Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man." Except it was more like "no muff man." I don't think there is much you can't say these days. You surprise us with all your little sentences and thoughts about how we are not very attentive to your need to go to the park ten times a day. Throw in some heavy-duty tantrums with you slamming your head into the wall, door or floor and we can almost understand what you're trying to tell us...

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