Friday, September 29, 2006

Hi Daddy!

You're getting pretty smart. I didn't think 13 months olds could be so brilliant, but this morning you took the remote from me, pushed the channel up button UNTIL YOU HIT A CARTOON and just as casually handed the remote back to me. And you love saying hi to your dad...

Hi Daddy on Vimeo

Saturday, September 23, 2006

You ought to be in pictures

It's kind of sad that we don't get to take as many pictures of you now that I'm back at work. Today your dad and I tried to make up for it, though, by bringing the camera to the park with us. As I mentioned yesterday, you LOVE the park. You cannot get enough. You would spend more time there than anywhere else if we let you. Thankfully we don't. But we also can't lie to you when you get older, like saying the park is closed or there's a birthday party there and it's full... We can't do this because you can see the park from all of our south-facing windows. And not that we'd want to lie. Anyway, my point is that we got some amazing pictures today so as I type this, I am uploading photos to a Flickr account because this isn't really the forum for sharing all of your photographed cuteness and there is a lot of it. (You can access the photos by clicking on the fancy Flickr box in the white right-hand box.) And oh, again with the pigtails - and a butterfly shirt - you are SO DELICIOUS!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Finally this week is over! I've been in planning sessions and a conference for three days this week and had to miss three lunches with you. Fortunately, I had this super sweet vision of you in pigtails Monday through Wednesday. And oh, how adorable it was. Just when I think you can't get any cuter, you always do! I don't know why we didn't do your hair this way sooner. What a natural progression it should have been from the Pebbles ponytail atop your head from 5 months - 9 months old. (Pebbles was Fred and Wilma's baby daughter on the Flintstones - a cartoon you will likely never see...) Anyway, I just wanted to eat you up because of that really sticky, gooey sweetness.

The park has been a big draw this week. You FREAK OUT every night after supper to go outside. You excitedly get your coat and shoes and cannot contain your anticipation to run down the sidewalk. Thankfully, I hold your hand when you run or you'd be tasting the pavement everytime. Uncle Nigel babysat you tonight while your dad and I went for the conference supper. Once I mentioned the park, you went right to him, handing him your shoes, and weren't even upset that we were leaving at all. He took you at 5:45 and you stayed until almost 6:30. Apparently you would leave the park, but kept turning around to go back - 6 times. That's what happens when you call the shots, huh? Even though me and dad think we're in charge...

I should also mention that you can walk as good as anyone. I still can't get over it. I was looking through a bag in the living room when you took my pen, walked into the kitchen and by the time I came to see where you'd gone, you were 'colouring' on the fridge with the pen. Speaking of which, you learned to colour this morning. We've tried before but you had a hard time getting the hang of it. We got out some crayons, even though you prefer pens and Sharpees, and you went to town. Good job! Dad loves to draw so your interest in this made his day! (Here's a screenshot from some video I took of your first experience with crayons.)

So yeah, that's it for now. So tired. Can't wait to go to bed.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Dirty rice

Maybe it wasn't dirty rice because that has ground beef, but it was of New Orleans flavour and it was very dirty. Here of some pictures of you eating supper tonight. Only the corn and carrots could keep your interest initially, but once me and dad were done you seemed to want to get into the saucy beans and rice. And get into it you did. First you had to feel it squishing inside your hands, between your fingers, then you tried shoving single grains of rice into your mouth but they would fall before arriving. So you tasted your hands and seemed quite intrigued by the spiciness and intense flavour. Then there was no going back - you ate straight from the bowl, you ate with your hands and when they couldn't hold enough, you ate with the serving spoon. Yummm! Needless to say you needed a bath - and to get the rice out of your nose.

We were at the pediatrician's office yesterday and while we were in the waiting room, I was looking a book that said finger paints or painting with pudding was an age appropriate activity for you. I imagine it would be similar to supper tonight...but with less nutrition. Anyway, the doctor was pleased with you. You weighed 8.21 kg so you are slowly starting to climb along the bottom of the growth chart - an improvement from dropping off it. So, we're to keep what we're doing and go back in two months to weigh and measure you again. (Also, we won't be going back to feeding therapy. After our session last Tuesday, they don't feel they can help us any further - that you have the skills needed to thrive. They recommended maybe a psychologist if problems persist.)

After the doctor's appointment, we picked up supper from Dairy Queen because we really need groceries. You got the kid's quesadilla meal which came with fries and a drink. (I got fish, Dad got a burger, both of which you also had bites of.) Anyway, you really liked everything and even dipped your own fry in ketchup! That was too good. Your dexterity is wonderful; I'm sure those skills will come in handy for other things than dipping! Obviously we are very proud of how well you've been eating - I can't stop talking about it.

I stayed home with you today. This morning we went to Tot's Café with Creeson and Molly. You thought all those kids and toys were pretty terrific. Dad and I will have to take you there sometime. This afternoon we had a super-long nap, 1:20 until almost 4 p.m. I love sleeping beside you; you're such a good cuddler. And tomorrow is Saturday which means we go to Smitty's for breakfast. It was rainy all day today and not supposed to be too much nicer tomorrow so no Farmer's Market like last weekend. (Did I mention you really liked the beets in the borscht I made?) The evenings are getting dark so early now, too. You think it's pretty bizarre that the cars are all lit up when they drive by. Well, I should hang out with your dad now. Good night.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Making friends

We walked over to the school yard after supper tonight. Well, actually you ran with a giant grin on and your head tipped back. You still held my hand, but it won't be much longer before you can run without me. Just these past few days you have been walking everywhere and doing a great job of it. Anyway, we were the first ones to the park; the other kids don't usually show up until closer to 6:30. You would squat, pick up handfuls of rocks, drop them and do it all again every few steps. It's so funny how those rocks provide so much joy for you - and so much dust for my clothes. After putting your rocks on the bottom of the slide, we went on the swing briefly before you approached a little blonde guy with a 'safari' shirt on. He was a little taller than you, much more stable and had much bigger hands - maybe 16 or 17 months old. You walked right up to him and touched his shirt, then his cheek. He was a little leary of your forwardness, but you persisted with some short little questioning jabbers. He responded by putting his hand to your chest and you falling down. You picked up a handful of rocks, stood up and tried to share them by putting them in his hand. Apparently, he felt you were too forward again and lightly pushed you down again. You stood back up, really fascinated by this little guy your size and he, too, thought you were interesting. While it was pretty sweet, we finally said bye-bye to the boy and headed for home. How wonderful it is watching you try to communicate with someone new. Just watching you learn to socialize, make friends on your own, just impresses me to no end.

In other happenings, you are the most affectionate, cuddly baby in the whole world. The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is crawl over and hug your dad - 'cause you haven't seen him in ten and a half hours. You are really full of love these last couple days, even hugging your toys. Even though you are horrified every morning when Nana comes because you know that means mom has to go, she said you were hugging her all day. And last night at supper, you would rather sit with Nana than me. (But that's okay because I know I'm still your favourite!)

You've been sleeping awesome for Nana. After getting up at 6:30 this morning, you napped from 8:15 until 9:45, then again from 1:15 until 3 p.m. And you were asleep by 7:30 tonight. I know that sleep begets more sleep and that makes a happier baby, so this is pretty terrific. Maybe all that walking around takes it toll on you...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

You and me

Daddy stayed home with you on Friday, but took these pictures of you and me when I came home for lunch. That's a yummy lunchtime!

Monday, September 04, 2006

The first three months

I've been working on compiling some photos for your baby book and have pictures of you at one month, two months and three months so far. I doubt I need to point out how much you've grown...

One month old

Two months old

Three months old

Long weekend

Well, it was a four day work week, the first you spent with Nana and it was kinda hard on you. Needless to say, you missed your mommy and daddy very much. But the bonus is that I had a four day weekend to balance it out; Friday was my EDO and today is Labour Day. It's nice being at home with you setting the pace for our days. Especially sleeping in... You slept in until 7:30 the last few mornings and the first thing you do when you are ready to start the day is sit up and call 'da da.' It's really very sweet how affectionate you've been with your dad the last few weeks with lots of hugs, a few kisses and the always wonderful leg hug. Even when we woke up from our nap on Friday, the first thing you thought to do was yell for da da even though he was at work. I think you like the fact that you have so much power - just call someone and they come right to you. You also call me from the tub except I'm called 'eh deh' when I would really prefer mama... Anyway, it's great how you raise your voice for something other than screaming!

Your sleep has been AWFUL since I went back to work, but your eating has been all right. Well, it's been good for Nana or when Nana's around. I've been paying the messy price, though. Since you can't separate your body from mine from the minute I come home from work, you've been sitting on my knee at mealtimes. This wouldn't be so bad if you didn't insist on picking up food and smushing it deeply in your hands before giving me a hug and patting my hair... I cannot stay clean for more than an hour or two on any given day so I've kinda stopped trying. What's another load of laundry?

Also, you've been quite friendly to those around you lately and will even give up mommy to try and strike up a friendship. We went to a garage sale across the street on Saturday morning. The women sitting at the table were quite keen on giving you attention so you sat across from them with a box of paints and kept slyly smiling at them while daddy and I browsed. We ended up buying you two whale rattles for when we 'shake, baby, shake' for ten cents each. You also were quite fond of Jessica yesterday when we were having supper at Nana's house, grabbing her to walk (and run) you around and going back and forth from mom's seat to Jessica's seat at the table. So very sweet you are!

We just put you to bed. We're practising falling asleep on your own and you've done good the past couple nights. I was surprised the other night when I said 'lay down' and you did! But you weren't happy about it, even had a very sad look as though it's a punishment to go to sleep. You do get very silly when you lay down, poking me in the eye or digging in my mouth while giggling before I turn my back to you - and then you pull my hair. (Speaking of giggling, you had a huge laughing fit tonight as daddy kissed you over and over again. I don't know if you've ever laughed so hard before!) Anyway, your dad and I think you're pretty smart, understanding EVERYTHING we say. Oh, and one other big thing from today - you ate your macaroni with a fork. Well, you've done that before but today YOU stabbed the macaroni that went on your fork and then you ate it all up. Mmmm...macaroni!