Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

Look - it's the Easter bunny! No, it's just a lovely Easter Lily dressed up like a bunny. Awwww, aren't you cute?

Well, it's good Friday. Good because we don't have to work and can stay home with you. Actually you let me sleep in this morning until ten which I really appreciated. And you are napping with your dad now. Your dad has Monday off, too so you can get in some quality time together. We are having Easter brunch on Sunday at our house. Nigel, Jessica, Nana and Skye will come over before Nana works in the afternoon. You might even get more Easter loot! (Grandma and Grandpa spoiled you with Winnie the Pooh and Friends chocolates, two outfits and two books last weekend.)

I was trying to remember Easter last year. We went to the cabin so I poked around and here are some pictures from Easter weekend last year, one from the cabin and the other was at Nana's house.

Speaking of houses, Nigel and Jessica just bought a house. Prices have really gone up on starter homes so they thought they should get into the market before they couldn't afford one at all. It's cute and they should have possession by the middle of May. Maybe we can pawn off all of their stuff that's still in our basement...

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