Friday, June 16, 2006

Where did the baby go?

Oh, Lily. You've grown so much lately that you seem like such a little girl and not so much a baby these days. When we walk around, you stop and let go of my hand to open the bedroom door. You endlessly babble "hi dad" or "hi da da" or "hi dad dee", then yesterday you started saying na na na na and today you popped out a few moms and a mom ma. You also just got the hang of waving bye bye yesterday and really nailed it today and it's adorable. Unfortunately, you also caught Creeson's cold when we were at the movies on Tuesday. So, you're kinda miserable but mostly incredibly joyous. The best thing about when you wake up in the morning is how happy you are as soon as you open your eyes. Then you start slapping me on the face and standing up with your bum bouncing up and down. Then we have to wake up dad and you're always so excited to see him, like you didn't know he was with us all night. (He's the guy who snores sometimes.)

We were away in Minot for the weekend so you are now an international traveller. And you were pretty good, too. You don't typically stand for sitting in your carseat too long, but we bought you a DVD player and some DVDs with baby Elmo on them that soothed out some of the rough patches. You also learned how wonderful pizza is and guacamole from the Mexican restaurant that we had to eat at.

Your dad took the afternoon off today and I can hear you chattering away with him upstairs as I type this. He's so good with you, even though he kisses you too much for your liking sometimes. It's Father's Day this Sunday so we'll have a barbeque and shower him with love. Then it's off to the cabin next weekend to see Grandma and Grandpa; we haven't seen them since Easter. Lots going on and you're absorbing every minute of it. And I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it, even when I'm tired and don't think I can walk around the house holding your hands one more time. I do and I don't ever regret it.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Die caterpillars, die!

We were outside yesterday morning swatting big blue caterpillars off of Oakey with a little gardening shovel because they have been totally devouring all his leaves. When one would fall to the ground, I would beat it with the shovel until it was no longer a threat. Lily then took the shovel from me, swatted Oakey's branches ever so lightly then hit the ground to teach them a lesson. Yup, just like her mama.

Friday, June 02, 2006

She walks!

Okay, so not quite walking but THREE STEPS - ON HER OWN. Lily makes wonderful progress on that living room chaise where she also first crawled. If I'm not careful and keep encouraging her, I might have a little walking baby on my hands. And how much of a handful would that be???