Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mean streak

We have been busy. It's just too nice outside to stay home and update this site. Not that there isn't anything to say. Most notably, you've got a mean streak. While playing "kitty" you've taken to scratching like a kitty. Our faces. And neck. Nana has a huge gash on her neck from your fingernails that you won't let me cut. Meowch! But you are your most vicious when you have to come in the house from outside - or come home from the park. If only we could live out there, huh?

And you talk. And talk and talk. I take it. I go. I slide. Please, please, please. Sit. Book. Elmo. Cookie. Ernie. Big Bird. Ice. Please. I run. Hi, Skye (Sigh). Cah cah (candy). I climb. Park. Wah wah (water). Mo.

And you water the trees and set the table so you are very helpful. When you want to be.

And you have lots of hair.

And you have a great smile.

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