Sunday, April 22, 2007

What does an animal say?

You've known most of your animals sounds for many months now. As you will see by this video, they are like second nature to you and you sometimes glance at me like, "Duh, Mama. Don't you know anything?" Apparently I don't know any more animals to quiz you about. I think it's funny how when we eat supper, I tell you, "Eat this chicken," and you say bawk, bawk, bawk. At first I thought it would be a bad idea to make the connection between your animal friends and the food we eat, but now I enjoy telling you that this ham comes from pigs, oink, oink and this steak comes from cows, moooo. And that the cat running across the street is going to eat that squirrel.

Animal sounds - Lily at 20 months on Vimeo

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