Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Subject: nothing/everything

I know I've been talking about you talking, but this past week has brought your unprovoked speech into daily life. When you see something, you say what it is. Like yesterday you opened a kitchen drawer and said "bat" and sure enough, there was a plastic bat from Halloween there. It's also adorable that you started saying "Yeah, yeah" instead of your long drawn-out mmmmhmmm. I really can't keep up. I just know that it's adorable that you repeat everything we say now.

We went up to Saskatoon last Thursday afternoon. You, me, Dad, Nana and Skye piled in the van for a weekend away. We originally went up for Uncle Marvy's 60th birthday surprise party, but Dad and I went to a lame Juno kick-off party on Thursday night and then we spent the rest of the weekend at Blackstrap with Grandma and Grandpa. Some highlights from the weekend included seeing cows and dogs and cats at the Hurlburt farm, being absolutely enthralled with your 2nd cousin Katie, staying up late and passing out solid, eating chocolate and suckers and watching Mojo the cat's tail flinch when you touched it.

I'm tired. It was a long weekend - and it's already Wednesday tomorrow - and it's a short week, Good Friday in two days. Here's a video from the cabin before Grandma and Grandpa came. It shows off how I am a wizard with words and how you can answer questions...honestly...sometimes. And you were half naked, just how you like it.

Who put the toothpicks in the water thing? on Vimeo

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