Sunday, March 25, 2007

I did it!

While Dad and I were home for lunch one day last week, I was changing your diaper in your room on the change table. You were laying there surprisingly cooperative when you pointed at the wall where it appeared you had made a little scribble with a pencil. I asked, what's that? to which you replied, "I did it!" Wow, you know sentences. (You also claimed responsibility a couple days ago when you were eating a cracker in the living room. There were crumbs on the floor so I asked, who made this big mess? and you again exclaimed, "I did it!")

The temperature that last couple of days has been between 15 and 19 degrees, but fortunately there is a wind so it doesn't feel so warm. Almost all day yesterday we were outside. Between the backyard in the sandbox, the front sidewalk puddles to last evening at Wascana Lake checking out the seagulls and Canada geese standing on the ice fighting each other for chunks of bread that was being continually throw to them. And then this morning we went to the park for an hour where you loved the swings and slide, but hated leaving - again. It's a wonderful change from being cooped up all winter long. And I think it tires you out because last night you slept from 8 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., then back to sleep until 7.

Yesterday morning we went down to get your passport photo taken. Apparently they are in colour now; I would have preferred black and white as it is more timeless. And your hair was all blown out. Not very good picture, but I suppose it suits the purpose. Though it was also be an appropriate mugshot... It's quite funny, the solemn expressionless look on your face. Now you just have to look like that then when we fly down to Atlanta (and back) in June.

You got your first bike this week. It's a red tricycle; are there any other colours? You love it. Apparently you even sat on it and watched Blue's Clues. Your legs aren't quite long enough or strong enough to take you anywhere, but it'll come to you by summer. Dad and I think we're going to buy one of those bike trailers so we can enclose you and buckle you in while we ride bikes. You're not the type of kid who sits nicely in her high chair or stroller when, holy cow, running free is so much better. And someday when you have a sibling, you can both go in there...

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