Friday, January 28, 2011

It's been a long week

My mom was admitted to the hospital on Monday. After twenty or so hours in the ER, she finally got a room. The biggest problem seems to be this cloud of confusion that hangs over her, so they've been doing her dialysis for her so she doesn't forget something and leave herself vulnerable to peritonitis – like she did last week when she forgot to close her tube.

It's hard to tell what's been happening or what will happen as she can't remember the details of most of the dieticians and pharmacists and doctors (both the nephrologist and her psychiatrist) who have come to see her. From what I gather, they haven't adjusted any existing meds, just given her IV antibiotics for the urinary tract infection and maybe something to sleep at night.

And it's hard to be there, to get there. Not only have the parking lots been full, every single street parking spot within three or four blocks has been taken. Thankfully the weather has been so nice because I almost collapsed on Monday carrying Finn, a diaper bag and my purse for a few blocks. With the slush, a stroller isn't even an option... And then when we get there, Finn is so busy that he gets grouchy not being able to constantly crawl around or stand or climb or bang on something. Lily has been relatively good, though. If there wasn't a donut shop downstairs, I don't know if that would be the case. And we taught her cat's cradle yesterday; she loves it so much that she wants me to teach Chris so they can play together.

Now it's Friday. They said they might let her out today, under the condition that she stay with us for a while. We'll see if that happens. The dog is so depressed without her and is constantly under my foot like a shadow. I've stepped on her a lot. And she's taken to snipping at Finn and he's actually been really gentle. Oh well. Looks like we all have to learn to adapt to changing situations. 

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