Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Holy croup!

 Kinda like holy crap, but with croup. Yes, my son has croup. He started barking like a seal on Saturday and each night since then has been followed by this throaty, low-pitched crying. He can't sleep unless he's upright which means I've been wearing him a lot. And while it was really, really adorable when he crawled over to me crying last night, reached my feet and said, "Maaaaa ma," it's really sad to see him so sick and miserable. Lily's been kinda sick, but only at night when she's stuffy and coughing up a storm.

Meanwhile, Nana is still in the hospital and we're not exactly sure for how much longer. Hopefully just a couple more days; the dialysis people are supposed to visit her today to assess her ability to do her dialysis. Her dog is driving me batty – possibly because we don't eat meat and she's used to a daily serving at suppertime – or she's just the most annoying dog ever.

And it's cold. It was -34˚C this morning when we went to school. Finn was so exhausted he fell asleep in the freezing cold in his sled...which is wear he still is, the sled, looking all adorable and not crying.

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