Tuesday, January 25, 2011

9 months old - Officially out as long as in

Ah, you've reached the age of nine months which means you've been out of me for as long as you were in. You notice when I am away from you. You hear my voice and you seek me out. There was a day last week when no one else could hold you. You burst into tears every time I set you down, which is different from the crying every time anyone lays you down. Now, even when we get close to the bedroom at nap time, you cry. Not that napping is bad. You have been really consistent in sleeping at least two hours in the morning, then again in the afternoon. This is wonderful. I hope it never changes...though I realize I won't be so lucky and that you won't stay so little.

The big one this month. You crawl, but like a salamander or lizard. This has opened up a whole bunch of other things – like sitting from laying, pulling up to standing, standing alone, walking along furniture and generally getting into EVERYTHING YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON.

 Oh yes, it was a very busy week when that all happened. From the second you crawled, it was like a flurry of non-stop physical activity. I'd heard that boys were busier; you've now proven that to be so. It is so adorable to put you down on the ground and watch you slither twenty feet to get to me, from the couch to the bathroom. Lily never did that. Just whined until we picked her up or helped her "walk" everywhere. So different you two are.

You share with us. Your food and toys. It is so endearing.

You understand and act upon simple commands such as "kiss" and "bonk" (head bonk) and "take your finger out of your mouth, please" when feeding you. But you don't talk or babble really. It's more a series of yells and screams and wild animal sounds.

You eat. Everything except for salmon...which is funny because even a semi-tart blood orange or a bowl of pure├ęd pineapple don't have you wincing. Quinoa with pumpkin and spinach or quinoa with berries or porridge with pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice. Lots of porridge with miscellaneous fruit and spices. Pasta and mashed tomatoes. Israeli cous cous simmered in vegetable broth. Blended avocado and mango (which I love because it's so creamy and sweet). We made carrot cake last week that you were quite fond of. Puffed wheat and just this morning, Cheerios. Pancakes, buns and bread are definitely a go-to food for you. I haven't given you a lot of meat because it kinda grosses me out, I suppose I should...but later.

For all that food you eat, you aren't really gaining weight. Now that's exactly like your sister. You trail off around six months and grow into what you've got for another six months. Which isn't bad, just kinda funny that you've gone from the 95th percentile to the 50th. You still have lots of juicy thigh to squeeze, so I'm not complaining. Not about anything about you.

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