Saturday, January 08, 2011

A very fairy visitor

Oh yes, the tooth fairy came to visit! When you woke up on Wednesday morning, we found a very loose tooth in your mouth. We made a few movies of how wiggly it was because I thought it could come out at any second – or at least by the end of the day – and we didn't want Dad to miss it.

Turns out it hung on until you were in swimming lessons at 5 p.m. You excitedly ran over to me and dropped this tiny little tooth into my hand. It had just fell out onto your tongue. I was SO happy, I couldn't stop smiling; I just held this baby tooth in my hand before tucking it securely in my pocket for the journey home. Nana, Dad and Finn were there and you delivered the news by holding out your hand with the big reveal.

That night the tooth fairy must have come because when you awoke, under your pillow in the bag you left your tooth in was a twoonie! And that hole in your teeth was just perfect to go back to school with that day.

You'll be a wealthy girl if all those teeth keep falling out...

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