Friday, January 14, 2011

This is getting out of hand...

This is in our front yard, right on top of where Lily's garden grows.
The snow. It's everywhere. I blame it for the face-plant Finn did yesterday on the way to school. They snowblow a path (almost daily) through the schoolyard; therefore the other snow gets significantly higher. We couldn't walk the path because the bell had rung and we needed to take the direct route through the playground and hook up with the path right before Lily's door to go in, a somewhat steeper bank than the day before. And then the sled felt really light... Poor little Finn was lying face-down on the path. I felt soooooo terrible and he was not pleased in the least. Lily told me later she was almost in tears when she got into the school, worried about her brother. (The seatbelt doesn't fit around the big coat we keep in the sled – just in case you wanted to chastise me for being totally careless!)

Of course he was all right. A face full of snow isn't pleasant, but it is recoverable. The cold doesn't help either. It was -26˚C with a windchill of -39˚C. Ouch.

Chris is shoveling every day. The kids are indoors for recess and morning arrival more than they're out. Our backyard has almost disappeared.

The bird bath and compost container have almost completely disappeared under the snow.

Makes for some great opportunities to eat bread and soup more often, though. Mmmm, this artisan bread that I first read about here is the cat's meow. No horrible kneading memories from my youth. "Mommmmm. My arms are tired. I can't knead it anymoooooooore." That was me whining because I hate kneading bread. Now I never will again. I'll leave that up to Nana and Lily who do a fine job that way.

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