Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A big day for a little guy

Okay, so he doesn't look like such a little guy...
Minutes after Finn and I woke up from our morning nap (no, I don't usually nap but I've been sleeping since Sunday night fighting a particularly bad case of mastitis), I discovered that tooth number five had appeared to the left of the other two in the top of his mouth. (Tooth number four appeared on New Year's Day.) Explains the unusual crying, biting while nursing and difficulty trying to sleep the previous night...

Minutes later, Nana came up to stay with Finn while I dragged my weak body out of bed to shuffle on over to the school to pick Lily up. While putting my coat on, Nana yelled, "He's crawling!" I ran up but of course he'd stopped and there was no time to stay any longer.

Upon getting home with Lily, I got some puffed wheat out to entice him to crawl for the camera. Lily crawled for Cheerios and Finn will eat anything, so I figured it'd be a success. I was right. While he doesn't really pick his body up off the ground, it's his first forward-moving crawling and it was really, really exciting.

Finn crawls! from Hood/Anderson on Vimeo.

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