Saturday, September 11, 2010

So far, so good

There was an open house at the school on Thursday night. I swear we'd never go to anything at the school if we had to pack everyone up, drive there and then try and find a parking spot. In the rain. Fortunately we are three houses away. When we moved in about seven and a half years ago, we mostly liked the fact that we backed the school yard. Back when Chris was super into astronomy, less neighbours meant less intrusive lights when using his telescope. Now we only need three or four minutes to get our shoes and coats on and walk to the furthest door where the kindergarten classroom is.

Anyway, there were so many people there, not everyone fit in the gym for the welcome. Luckily it wasn't long and we got to go to Lily's classroom, meet the teacher (again), and get the lowdown on the year to come.

Then we hurried home and threw the kids in bed.

The French is going well. We do a lot of practicing at home. It'll be fun when she brings French books home from the library to read. Here are a couple of the things she's brought home so far. I never thought I'd be so impressed...

And she's super impressed that she gets a sticker on her work when she does a good job. Big motivators those little stickers are, huh?

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