Friday, September 10, 2010

Dimmer switch

Things have gotten progressively dimmer as the week has gone on; there are few bright sides at all right now. Not having a stove is painful – and not getting one until next Tuesday hurts even more – especially when it's raining and we can't use the burner on the barbeque. Not that it's fun or desirable standing outside in dreary 11˚C weather anyway. Microwaves are not for baking (or cooking for that matter) and I'm dying for some bumbleberry crumble. Actually anything warm, homemade and sweet would comfort me right now.

The chaotic feeling of having stuff/junk/fabric/toys everywhere while cleaning up from the flood is also getting on everyone's nerves. The sound of the high-powered fans constantly humming and buzzing doesn't help either. Chris came down with the kids' cold a couple days ago and I woke up this morning with a very sore throat. Finn isn't sleeping because when he sleeps on his preferred side, face-down, all the snot drains out and he can't breathe. Followed by crying and sad faces. Like right this second...

Oh, did I mention his 4-month immunization shots on Wednesday made him THE. MOST. MISERABLE. GUY we've seen to date, complete with fever? I suppose it's better than polio or whooping cough, though.

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