Monday, September 06, 2010

On the bright side

Not quite the long weekend we imagined. When Lily woke up on Saturday, she sneezed and snot came out. When Finn went to bed on Sunday, he was in equally rough shape. This has accounted for only an hour or two of consecutive sleep in the past three days.

He sneezes.
She coughs.
On the bright side, we've gotten to take it easy and watch lots of movies and iCarly episodes.

Then on Sunday night it rained something like four inches. After many (or maybe just a few) years of having a dry basement, we got flooded as water streamed in through cracks that were previously patched. Worse yet, it soaked one corner of our third level where all my fabric and sewing stuff reside.

On the bright side, this kick-started the clean-up so that we can organize an area in the basement to be a playroom.

And then, when we were ready to make some lovely trout for supper, I heard some very loud snap, crackle, pop, bang! sounds from the bedroom where we were reading books. I ran down to the kitchen where I first saw smoke billowing out of the back of the stove. When I got closer, I saw the flames shooting up the back onto the wall.

On the bright side, we'd already had sushi for lunch and now had to get take-out for supper. Not that that's all that bright, but it was tasty.

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