Saturday, September 25, 2010

5 months old

My darling, Finn. If you weren't before, you are absolutely adorable and funny and silly and easy-going now. With that little blip of a snotty cold that completely impeded your breathing, I didn't think you'd ever sleep at night or lay down and have a good nap again. But you did. Except for that night part. You seem to be waking every few hours now, even with a couple 5 a.m. wake-up times. But I can't complain. It could be worse.

You're down to two naps for the most part. You nap for a couple hours in the morning and maybe three hours in the afternoon. By 7:30, both you and Lily are usually asleep. Most days...

Here you are sleeping in my arms when you were sick. You would only sleep like this or in your wrap, hence my fear that we might never get you back into the bed by yourself.
You are still incredibly patient. Some days you'll sit in your high chair or exersaucer for upwards of 45 minutes while we prepare and eat meals or tend to Lily (or stare blankly into space). You're favourite "toy" is a plastic flower plate or cup from IKEA as they're easy to hold and shove into your mouth. 


Like most of us, you count on our routine. Every weekday, we get Lily ready for school and then I put you in the wrap and we walk to school. All the kids say, "Can I see your baby?" They fondle your feet and pull the wrap out of your mouth to see all the drool. "He's cute." Then the bell rings and as we walk back across the school yard, all the older girls point and gush at the cute baby in the little hat as they rush by.


You've got a couple new skills. You can sit up by yourself for a few seconds. Sometimes you'll put out your arm to ease the fall on the way down. Sometimes you just oh-so-slowly fall backwards. It shouldn't be long. And I talked about your new tongue trick a few posts back – if that is indeed a skill.

Can't say much about your growth as you have not grown much at all since you turned four months old. Two weeks after we got you weighed, you were a few ounces less than when we had you weighed again. Could be the different scale. Could be that you're shrinking. Or not. Your thighs are still mighty juicy – and you are still a whopping 17 lbs., 15 oz. as of four days ago.

Mmmm. Baby thighs. Anyway, as the days go on, your personality comes out more and more. You seem to finally be "getting it" when we play. It's fun, but it's going by so fast...


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