Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Cute as a bug!

We've been talking this Halloween thing up for weeks. Watching scary movies on t.v. (like Beetlejuice), drawing ghosts, goblins and mummies, and practicing trick-or-treating. You have been pumped - and then you came down with a nasty cold yesterday. One that kept us all up half the night because you were "having trouble breathing, Mama." Poor kid. So dad stayed home from work with you today and you guys took it easy; you were in fairly good spirits when I came home from work.

Spooky window to greet out little trick-or-treaters.

The goofy alien pumpkin. We even got a compliment on it from a five-year-old ninja.

After supper you cooperated while we got your costume on. When we put it on over your winter coat from last year, you pointed at your tummy and said, "fat." Just you and I went trick-or-treating. Your shyness got the best of you everytime someone would ask you something or tell you how adorable you were. And after every house you said, "Yaya's house now?" and I would tell you just a few more. We did the little circle of houses around us and your little jack-o-lantern bucket was full. When we got home, you proceeded to open as many different kinds of candy and chips as you could before I put it away to your great dismay. "Yaya can't see candy anywhere now." Well, another Halloween over, but we'll have chocolate for weeks to remember it...


Lots and lots of candy!

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