Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yaya know dat!

We just got home from a walk on what was a lovely evening followed by an unseasonable 25º day. You rode with a bowl of snacks and sippy cup of warm milk. The moon was bright, almost full. While we were making our way around a street with a park in the middle, a bright light flashed in the sky then shot down, down, down flickering red and white and brighter before disappearing completely. I said, "oooh, a falling star, or a meteor. Did you see that?" "Yaya saw the falling star. Bright. Up in the sky. Daddy see it, too? Way up high. Meteor. Mommy see dat?" Very impressive. Not something you see everyday.

As we carried on, you were sure to look out for me. "Mommy. Car coming. Careful. Okay, Mommy?" And sure to point out all the "fookey" stuff on the lawns. Spooky skeltons, punkins, ghosts. And right when we were passing the school, we saw a huge spider dangling from the lighted sign. As we talked about his web, you exclaimed, "Yaya know that!" Yaya know that!" The same thing you say when you hear a familiar song or hear a story you've heard before. It's nice that you amaze yourself as much as you do us with everything you know.

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