Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ta da!

Quite the performer you are, after you jump from the back of the couch down or exhibit other extraordinary skills you exclaim, "Ta da!" Obviously an extention of taking a bow. And another mystery as to where you learned that.

You even look like a performer, especially in this dramatic attire.

Creeson came over on Saturday night with a bunch of other people for supper. The two of you didn't really eat because, come on, there were toys to be played with, stools to run around, stairs to go up and down and popcorn to share. But you had so much fun, leading him around by the hand. The two of you get along pretty well. He frustrates you at times because everything he touches is "mine" but you'll readily give up a toy if it stops him from freaking out.

Here are the two of you during one of your few quieter moments.

Today was a beautiful fall day so after you napped for a mere twenty minutes, we went to the park - after we played with a moth in the front window. It was just gorgeous out there. I think we're both having mixed feelings about the nice weather ending and the cold taking over. This year you'll be a darling snow princess in a white jacket and boots. Until then we'll just enjoy it not taking twenty minutes to prepare ourselves for the outdoors.


And I really have to mention how proud I am of you for peeing on the potty. You haven't had an 'accident' in over a week, you pee sometimes without even telling us (we'll just find a pee-filled potty) and the other night at Wal-Mart you said you had to pee and you held it while Dad trekked all the way across the store with you to the bathroom. It's funny though. You take your shirt off before you take off your pants to pee so you always end up naked. Good luck getting those back on again. And for the first time ever, your diaper was dry the other morning. I suppose naptimes and nighttimes are the next frontier. At least you're saving us money on diapers!

Here you are perched on the bathroom counter. It's a rare time when you didn't immediately whip off your diaper before crawling out of bed after a nap or in the morning. You must have been delirious from lack of sleep...

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