Sunday, October 21, 2007


It's as if you decided you like to scream and you would do it as much as you could in a little space of time.

It was a weekend of intense ups and downs. While with Dad on Friday, you first displayed your fondness for the van by screaming to not go home whenever you neared the house. And did that again Saturday and Sunday. You were vehement that we not go home; the kicking and screeching made that obvious. But you were quite pleasant when we went out for supper after I got home from work. And still lovely for the 1.5 hours at the grocery store afterwards.

Then the nighttime hit and you were vicious. Demon-like is an appropriate description if only to describe your low, rumbly and loud screaming. And I can't forget the hair-pulling and hitting... It was a long night, unlike any for...weeks, anyway.

Saturday we stuck close to home, venturing out only to the much-hated movie store and for a walk before you made it clear that your fingers were freezing so we headed back home. You were in bed by 7:15 that night. Thankfully.

Brrrr. Way colder out than it looked. Poor little ladybug you were holding wasn't moving too quickly.

Sunday was good - except that you did not want to come home from the art gallery. Fortunately bribes work for a reason. They are awesome and with so much Halloween candy floating around, we will be in good shape with bribes for a long time.

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