Friday, October 12, 2007


You know, I never want to say anything when you seem to be leaving your old habits behind in favour of new, more pleasant ones. Because with our track record, talking about things makes them revert back, making me into a liar.

The most amazing thing over the last five or six weeks is your brand new interest in a little thing called FOOD. You like it. Enough to eat it in quantities that could sustain life. Last weekend for breakfast, we had bacon and tomato sandwiches. I gave you tomatoes, bits of crunchy bacon and toast with margarine which you picked at. But you wanted my sandwich, so I gave you the corner and you ate the entire thing. Maybe it was a fluke, must have been the mayo I thought, but on a whim a couple days later I made you your very own toasted tomato (sans skin) sandwich with mayo. Your reaction when I told you what it was? "Ohhhhhh, yummy!" You were thrilled. And after you swallowed each bite, you said, "Yaya have some more?" So, I know you're two and most kids have been eating all their lives, but this? This made Mommy so, so happy. When I called later, Nana said you ate every bite. It almost made me cry.

Tonight at supper it was more of the same. You ate Italian Wedding soup, some alfredo noodles, a Little Chefs pizza, a small slice of my pizza and a whole bunch of little bites of Jungle Buddies chicken nuggets. And then went on to butterscotch chips and some cookie dough.

I wonder if it has to do with being able to communicate with you better. The more you understand, the calmer and more mature you seem to become. I've been telling you that if you want to grow big like mommy you have to eat lots. And you say that all the time when you eat. "Yaya grow big Mommy." I also wonder if it helped that we discovered that your favourite food is white cheddar popcorn - the first thing you've ever eaten more than one day in a row with any consistency. That, my dear, was a breakthrough.

And sleeping. While you don't sleep through the night (never have - and until a couple months ago you didn't sleep more than two hours in a row except that one time about a year ago when you slept for six hours), you didn't come into our room until after three the other night and after two last night. That is big progress from waking ever hour or two. And if you do wake up or are crying, it seems like you've had a bad dream. Or just need a cuddle. And if I tell you to go back to sleep until the sun comes out, you do. Kinda. You wake up at 6 and while it's pretty dark still, you declare that, "it's morningtime! Get up, mommy."

I'm going to have to be a bit more on the ball now. Since I haven't been used to feeding you meals or offering you food on a regular basis, this is a skill I'll have to learn quickly. But I'm more than happy to do it.

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