Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kinda miserable

Since coming down with your cold last Tuesday or so, you have been miserable. I've been miserable and stressed out and Dad's grouchy because he has to deal with us. Our schedule in the last couple weeks has been almost three times as busy as usual which is a dramatic and unwelcome increase. We're homebodies. We like to be at home doing nothing. It's what makes us happy.

Last night you had had it. We were on the computer playing Elmo games when you lost it. You started yelling out your demands, crying hysterically. With no chance of consoling you, I walked away. I went upstairs to make you some warm milk while you yelled at me from the bottom of the stairs, all the while doing angry bum drops on the hard floor. Still bawling, you came upstairs and started pulling at my leg. When I asked you to calm down, you again became hysterical so again I walked away. You threw yourself on the kitchen floor and for no less than four minutes you kicked and cried and yelled. When you found the energy to come into the living room to find me, you finally let me pick you up. I got you to take a few deep breaths, took you downstairs, shut of the light, wrapped you in a blanket and held you. Ten minutes later you popped your head up and said, "Yaya feel better now." Well, thank god because that was horrible.

But again this morning, you stood outside the bathroom banging on the door and crying while I showered. In a towel with sopping wet hair, I had to hold you close against my chest until you felt like you could go on with the rest of the day. Poor kid. I wonder if you're out of sorts because I had to work my last Friday off. That sure screwed me up. But this weekend will be wonderful - all five days of it. I have Friday off, Monday is a holiday for Remembrance Day and I'm using some overtime to take Tuesday off. So nice.

You are making much better sentences this week. You asked "Where is Daddy going?" instead of "Daddy go?" And the other night you stopped crying long enough to ask, "Why can't Yaya have booby right now?" even if you really don't want to know the answer...

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