Saturday, February 03, 2007

An outing - to the liquor store, uhm hmm

Your dad and I ran out of wine and had to take you out in the very frigid evening last night so that we could replenish our supply and get through the cold weekend. You always like to go out, doesn't usually matter where as long as you can have a bit of freedom. Well, after supper we packed you into the van, returned last weekend's overdue movies and to the liquor store we went. The freedom you desire is pretty limited in the Australian wine section which backs the vodka - the big glass bottles that are very shiny and yearning for your touch, I'm sure. So we headed to the back where the beer is, a relatively safe area for you to do some exploring. While your dad and I perused the import beer, you were enthralled by a flat of Alexander Keith's cans. When I came to check on you, you had crawled up onto the first row and were just sitting there smiling. Adorable. And you looked so proud of yourself. Dad ended up having to haul you away under his arm to the checkout. When we were about to head outside, I said "ready, set" and you blurted out GO - having never practiced that before. You are a sponge...

You've been saying bye-bye to everything lately. From the water in the tub when we pull the plug to the credits on all t.v. shows. We say bye to the toys at the store when we go to leave, bye to anything in the toilet, bye to cashiers in stores, bye to your toys when it's time to go eat, bye to books when we're done reading them. So far that's how we deal with separating you from anything you're loving. I fear the day when this won't be enough and you throw those endearing tantrums I love so much.

Also, your vocabularly is expanding exponentially lately. I can't keep up. You repeat everything we ask you to say - or at least you try. The words you can't say sound like "shy" or "sup." You surprised me the other day when we were reading a book and you pointed at the sheep and said, "baaa" because I didn't know you knew that one. When I tell you the doll or dad or an animal is sleeping, you put your finger up to your mouth and say "shhhhh." But our favorite thing you've picked up is your ability to answer yes. And it's not just nodding when we ask you if you can say yes. You say a closed-mouth "uhm hmmm." Not until you started doing this did your dad and I realize how often we respond positively to something with an "uh huh." Whoops. Anyway, you are truly delightful.

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