Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just you and me, kid

Your dad is in Nova Scotia. He only left yesterday and will be home late tomorrow night but wow, is it tiring being your exclusive caregiver - and that's only after Nana goes home, after supper until bedtime. Actually, it's not you that is draining me this time. It's just everything else. Like taking out the garbage and cleaning the kitchen...and making a scrumptious carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

Anyway, you did a couple cute/funny things in the last couple days. I came home yesterday for lunch and when I walked in the door your were standing there looking up at me, pointing at yourself in the chest. When I asked what you did, you kinda grunted and kept pointing to yourself. When I asked Nana what was going on, she said you were a bad girl. So I asked you what you did to which you pointed at the wall. I couldn't not smile when you showed me. Beside the front door, between it and the picture window you had taken a pencil and scribbled up and down and up and down, up and down. Well, a picture might better describe this (below). So I had you point to what you did while I took your picture. What's the point in being upset when it's already been done? And you were much too cute to get mad at.

Then tonight, you were downstairs playing after your bath (so you were naked) and I had to run upstairs and take the carrot cake out of the oven. On my way back down, you were standing at the bottom of the stairs looking for me, holding out your hand. I looked and immediately pieced together what had happened. Apparently you pooped a giant log which fell to the floor after bouncing off your calf, picked it up but didn't like the mushiness that appeared on your hand, dropped it back to the floor and came looking for me to clean off your hand. (While you may be horrified that I am writing about poop, know that it is completely acceptable once you have a baby or small child. I guess we'll find out when it's not acceptable any longer...) For a kid who poops maybe once a week - if we're lucky - all of that sure happened quickly. And of course when you were diaperless!

It's almost my bedtime. I've discovered tonight that if I don't tend you everytime you cry, you will eventually go back to sleep. And this is what most people discover when their babies are much, much younger...

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