Sunday, February 18, 2007

Okay, let's talk

Hey munchmallow. You have exploded with speech this past week. After celebrating your 18 month birthday - and you putting out some really good candle-blowing effort - you have been talking. In addition to your uhm hmmm, you verbalize your affirmations with okay, kay, and an occasional yup. You know all the animal sounds we have taught you, including our latest one, the hissssssss of a snake.

We went to your 18 month check-up on Tuesday and you screamed everytime the doctor went to touch you. He did give you a sucker when it was done and you appreciated that, but not as much as you appreciated him leaving the room. You weighed 9.9 kg and are 72 cm tall. It's bigger than last time for sure so that's good. You're recent interest in eating - sometimes - helps.

The weather is finally not so extreme. It even got above zero once. To celebrate, we bundled you in your snowsuit and walked over to the park one night. You were thrilled to bits to go on the slide and swings with dad, but those little pebbles that you loved all summer and fall were still your favourite playthings...even if they were hard to pick up with the stumps of your snowsuit. We ended up walking around the block but had to get home after not very long because the chill after the sun went down is so much colder.

Dad stayed home sick on Friday so we all took it pretty easy and hung out in our pajamas. You and dad had a three hour nap while I went shopping, so a good time was had by all. Then on Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. They are here right now and you are again napping with Dad. I'm thinking of waking you soon so we can maybe go see a movie. Happy Feet, the movie about penguins is on at the cheap theatre. Oh, and last night we all went for supper to Montana's and you were very good. You stayed in your spot for almost the whole time, played peek with some kids at another table, you ate good and you were very impressed by the animals hanging on the walls. It was a very successful outing. It's nice that you like to impress everyone. Well, everyone who isn't your mom and dad.

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