Monday, February 19, 2007

Family Day

I smile when I think about you and your dad walking through Wal-Mart tonight. He said it makes him really happy to hold your hand, for you to want him to hold your hand. You've become so much more fond of your dad over the last little while and he really appreciates it. There are still lots of things you don't want to do - not with your dad but not without your mama - but it's getting better. You just get better and better.

We had a really good day. It kinda reminded me of when we were home all last winter together. You wore an adorable top that said "I *heart* cupcakes" and its pink and red colour scheme somehow made you seem so much bigger, so much cuter. We played and snuggled all morning after Grandma and Grandpa left, I took a couple hundred pictures of you, we made lunch for dad when he came home at noon, we napped in the blazing hot sun that heats up the bedroom, and the best part - we went outside! It is Family Day today, the first one ever here in Saskatchewan. I got the day off work but your dad didn't...something about being federal.

Anyway, we had so much fun outside. I was hoping the snow would be wet enough to make a snowman in the backyard but it wasn't so we made a mini snowman that was maybe a foot high. Maybe. So we went to the park instead. Once we got into the schoolyard, you didn't know which way to go. There were kids sledding down the hill AND kids playing on the equipment, but you opted to go to the swings. We were quickly joined by a couple girls, 7 and 9, who were playing fast and furiously, running all around and sliding down the slide head-first. They introduced themselves by saying how cute you were and said that you could play with them if you wanted. Of course you did. You followed them all around, but were happiest going down the twin slides with the younger girl, Amy, over and over again. She held your hand and went down beside you on my ready, set, GO. I only had to stand at the bottom to catch you. Even just watching the girls play you glowed. You'd point and clap when they did something amazing. They liked your attention and had lots of questions like, could you talk, what could you say, did you come to the park alot, do you have brothers or sisters. Then they told us about their family and what fun things there are to do in the neighbourhood in the summertime. I'm always surprised how friendly the kids are we run into, but it was nice that they took such an interest in you. I wish you got to see other kids more often...

It's a nice, short week. Dad has Friday off. Maybe I'll send you guys to Tot's Cafe in the morning. Anyway, here are a some pictures, a small sampling of just how cute you were today. Awwww.

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