Monday, February 12, 2007

Sucks, okay

Tonight you were sitting on my knee at the computer because I wanted to show you the Nick Jr site, full of Wonder Pets!, Dora, Max & Ruby and the Backyardigans that I found so amusing at work today. Unfortunately, a warning came up saying something about them not supporting Macintosh computers. Disappointed, I said "well that sucks." Your chimed in, "sucks." Little parrot you are.

You've been clingy and kinda grouchy the last few days. I think you're trying to pop another molar through. Yesterday I couldn't detatch you from me for even two minutes at a time. The night previous, you bolted awake a couple times. The first time you were excited to say, "Da da, kay okay?" Your dad taught you to say o-kay instead of the plain kay you've been saying for three days now. Another time, you stood straight up and jumped before laying down and going back to sleep.

On Saturday we went to the Home Depot in the morning, followed by a quick trip to Superstore. Feeling courageous, we decided to try and go out for lunch. You were all right, though I would have preferred it if you would have sit still and ate something besides the ice in our water glasses. Anyway, here's a video of you and your other fave no-calorie snack - snow! I've uploaded a bunch of new videos so check them out following the Vimeo link in the right sidebar.

A tasty wintertime treat on Vimeo

Tomorrow you will be 18 months old. That is a year and a half, a landmark age for a little girl. I think we will celebrate. Maybe I will put a candle in the Valentine brownies I made for you to blow out. I think you would appreciate it.

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