Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A visitor

We had a visitor last week. Khrystine, the girl I babysat for a year in between high school and college, just moved to Weyburn so being only an hour away she decided to come up for the afternoon.

Lily's really fond of her. Khrystine stayed with us last fall for a few days, and then for two weeks last December (during some of the time we were in Mexico). We saw her again in mid-April in Medicine Hat. She was finishing up her first year of college (then moving the following week to Mexico for a few months to work) and we were there for our 11-year college reunion (all 38 weeks pregnant of me).

We played Pretty Pretty Princess. Nana won.

Anyway, it's nice when she visits because Khrystine will play games and watch Hannah Montana until the cows come home. Lily even cuddled up to her on the couch...which says a lot.

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