Thursday, November 25, 2010

7 months old

I wish we could freeze time, you are so perfectly wonderful right this second. You laugh at everything. You grunt when you're displeased. You grunt instead of talking. You talk when you wake up from your naps so we know you want us to come up to the bedroom and see you. You still cry when I lay you down for a nap. When you cry, you usually cry "mama." You only say mama or something akin to it when you're upset. You always smile when I walk into the room.

You hate getting bundled up, but you're fine when we're outside. You freak out with total joy when we hold our arms out for "uppy." You whip your head back and forth really fast for fun. You love jumping in your jolly jumper and have really gotten the hang of turning and reaching for whatever is near, like your exersaucer or the jolly jumper stand. You love your whale rattles because you can hit things hard with them – like the window at the pool at Lily's swimming lessons yesterday.

You are big enough to sit in a shopping cart seat, not that we venture out much. You quit lunging forward from sitting into a crawling position because the last time you did it, you hit your mouth and had an owie on it for a week. You just bounce wildly and excitedly now but are cautious not to go forward.

You have two teeth. You've bit me a handful of times while I was nursing you. You quit eating pur̩ed food a couple weeks ago so we only offered you real food. You changed your mind, though, and had five whole cubes of apples the other day, then almost a whole mango and some watermelon. Last night you were thrilled to share our actual supper for the first time; you devoured the root vegetable curry soup with brown rice Рkinda like this. You will fit right in to our family's spicy tastes.

I'm guessing that it's just going to get better, huh? I can barely imagine...

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