Tuesday, November 16, 2010

L'il Chomper

It's a bizarre picture, I know, but we'd like you to meet L'il Chomper on the left and the corner of Bitey McBiterson just poking through on the right. It took about twenty pictures of me holding down Finn's bottom lip and trying to get an in-focus shot of these little troublemakers without his tongue in the way. Mission accomplished.

We've been using these little guys to try out all sorts of new things. Finn's a huge fan of chewing on day old French bread, pickle spears, steamed broccoli florets and apple and mango slices. He seems to really HATE IT when we spoon feed him cereal – or anything. After three or four bites, he's angry so we've given up for the most part. And since he's a second child, all the "rules" have been thrown out the window about how we should be feeding him; he probably knows better than us anyway. We're pretty sure he won't starve.

How nice that he can sit in high chairs at restaurants now!
Someone else who isn't starving is Lily. She's even on a food kick. She's been eating a lot, so it's kind of high maintenance. Sure, half the time it's tomato soup, but she ate two hard-boiled eggs and two carrot muffins today – on top of her strawberry porridge for breakfast and her butternut squash muffin at school. That's a lot for this girl.

Oh, and a lime.

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