Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Last Wednesday we'd been having serious attitude problems with Lily. Thursday morning there was extreme diarrhea and vomiting, thus the then-obvious source of her inability to comply with the rules.

She stayed home from school on Thursday, missing the costume ball at the school that evening. She woke up in the middle of the night and said, "Are we going to the ball?" To which I replied, "Sorry, honey. It's over." She got very upset and cried, "You went without me?" Poor kid, she'd been looking forward to going for a couple weeks. Pretty upset the next day, too, when I kept her home again, missing the Halloween fun at school.

She feels better today, well enough to complain about almost everything and yell at Nana. That means she's back to normal.
She threw up all Friday night, so she was couch-ridden until Grandma and Grandpa arrived midday on Saturday. She mustered up a surprising amount of energy so she could play until they left midday on Sunday. Then back to the couch – minus five minutes for me to snap some Halloween pictures before the sun went down. She didn't quite have enough gusto to go trick-or-treating so Dad carried her to the houses around us for almost a whopping fifteen minutes. Plenty of candy, though she didn't consume any before going to bed at 6:30 p.m. Thankfully.

Lily threw up three more times that night and then in the morning, so no school again on Monday. Fortunately, she ate food on Monday. Well, more than none so she did start feeling better. Missed picture retakes, though. Had missed the original school pictures while we were in Disneyland...

* * *

In other happenings, Finn has gotten a new cry. It's louder and bigger than the baby teradactyl cry he had before. He was just laying there, not sleeping on Saturday night when he started belting this one out. He also has gotten very physical, jumping up and down while in our arms, thrashing his head back and forth for fun, smashing whatever's in his hand... He's rougher than Lily was. He also made strange with Grandpa and was sweet on Grandma while that was completely opposite with Lily.

He also has been drooling. Constantly. Non-stop. There's no better way to get a bucket of slobber out than blowing bubbles with his tongue out. Or blowing raspberries on whoever is nearest. His arm included.

And food. Seasonal food. I can't stop thinking and reading about food. Made pumpkin pie French toast, pumpkin chocolate chip squares, sweet potato bourbon bundt cake and butternut squash muffins with Lily yesterday afternoon. All yummy and orange. Previous to that was an apple obsession...

Finn tests out the Jack Daniels for the sweet potato bourbon bundt cake. He approves.

Finn has been eating apples (below left), pureed from our tree, green and yellow beans (combined, below right) from the farmer's market and mangoes tonight from this wonderful Thai curry dish we made for supper. How cute is it all frozen into Sesame Street characters and flowers? Too bad we have to melt them to feed them to him...

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