Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Style notes: Nov. 2010 edition

After some ruthless clothes purging, Lily has adopted many of my "fancy" shirts as dresses. Throw in a little up-do and a tiara and you're set!
Looks like we missed October, mostly due to the illnesses that would never end – and then there was the ear infection that she's still on antibiotics for:

But we're practically all healthy now. Just in time to make Christmas presents and goodies... And go to Christmas parties and concerts where there will be ample opportunity to make fashion statements.  Like this one:

Lily was a purple princess for neighbour Carly's birthday party.

And what's better than wrapping a scarf (left) or a shawl and a piece of fabric of Mom's to make you feel all dolled up? She spends many an afternoon getting gorgeous...while I chase her around and ask for just one picture for her website... Isn't it worth it?

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