Saturday, June 26, 2010


I won't lie. I find it very challenging to fill our days with things that won't turn your brain to mush. There are games – board and online, dancing, tv (which I feel guilty about the amount we watch), dress-up and role-playing (in which I am usually Freddie from iCarly), but I think the indoor activity we both most enjoy is crafting.

Unfortunately, your attention span is short so I usually spend most of my time preparing and finishing the craft. It's not like school where all the kids are participating so in that environment, you don't feel the need to run away before it's done. At home, we have to choose things you can do quickly or come and go from. (Well, we started a papier maché balloon almost a month ago, but that's still sitting there...and not even because we're afraid of this one exploding like our first one. That's another story.)

The above painting is a present for your cousin Isabella who we are visiting next week in Winnipeg. Painting is quick, but we barely got done this one before it deteriorated into you painting your hands and arms, then rubbing your hands into the paint on the palette until everything is that mucky brown colour.

Below is a birthday card for a party you are at right now. Stickers and markers are pretty quick and you've really taken a shining to drawing rainbows. (I layed out the markers in the correct rainbow order and you executed it. A mixed-up rainbow is a huge pet peeve of mine... Hey, we all have our hang-ups.)

This is a painting with blue highlighter details on top. We were learning about hatching, cross-hatching and pointillism that day. It's similar to the Father's Day artwork you did with paints and Sharpie on top, but this one is so intricate because the tv was on so you could sit for longer at the counter...

And finally, at least for now, this (below) is a craft you picked out of one of your princess magazines. It's a sea anemone crown. I spent a good half and hour making those anenomes, then the crown. You spent less than a minute putting two stamps and a sticker on (not shown). "Now I want to make the Cinderella hand muff," you said, from a different princess magazine. Uh, no. "I'm a little crafted-out," I told you. Perhaps I will have to learn to jump on the trampoline with Finn in his carrier.

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Anonymous said...

I so understand about the crafts and short attention span. It takes me longer to set up the stuff than Zander actually uses them!