Saturday, June 12, 2010

First day of kindergarten...kinda

On Friday morning, we got you dressed, brushed your hair and your teeth, put Finn in his carrier and walked two houses away to school. We were there a couple weeks ago for registration and signed you up for one of the morning tours. I think I was initially more excited because I actually knew how awesome it would be; you just knew school was fun.

So we took off our rubber boots, put on our inside shoes and made our way down to the office to wait for Madame to come. There were lots of hyper little girls and boys running around – and lots of big kids coming in for recess. Finally, Madame lead a group of her current Kindergarten students down the long hall. When she got to us, she explained that you would be reading a story, doing a craft to take home and getting time to play and that we, the parents, could go or wait there, meeting you back there in an hour. You looked up at me and said, "Go home, okay." All right, Miss Independence.

Anyway, each child held a name tag; a girl named Mesa had yours, stuck it to your chest, then she took your hand and you walked back down the hall to the classroom. I have to admit, I was gushing with pride. And I could tell you were pretty pumped, too.

So Finn and I went home. We came back, just in time as the kids lead you all back down the hallway. As soon as you saw me you said, "Mom, I forgot all about you!" Which is good. Great, even. As we walked down the hall, and then down the wet sidewalk, you excitedly showed me your craft, a lovely ladybug whose wings moved, and told me about the ladybug story you'd heard (which was in French). And now you have something to look forward to all summer.

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