Friday, June 25, 2010

What a difference two months makes

Today you are two months old. We can't even remember what life was like before you came. But thankfully you are here because who would we afflict our constant kisses on? (Lily is the only one who literally takes your breath away by sucking the air out of your mouth and actually Dad sucks the boogies out of your nose a few times daily, so whether one is better or worse, I don't know...)

You continually amaze us your baby accomplishments. A couple weeks ago, you quite purposefully rubbed your eye with the back of your hand when you were tired. I was so impressed. A couple days ago, you saw your toy and you grabbed it. That, my boy, is your mind controlling those previously flailing hands. Your mind gets quite the workout, too, studying all your colourful toys when you sit in your bouncy chair or lay on a blanket or change table.

Yesterday, I put you in the bouncy chair in the bathroom while I showered. When I peeked out, you were sitting completely still staring quietly at a pile of clothes. Then I said, "Hi Sweetie!" and you got so excited, kicking your feet, throwing up your arms and smiling those enormous grins at me. Yes, that is exactly the kind of reaction I was looking for. Finally – validation!

Another reason I'm feeling quite validated is your hugeness. Oh my. We went to a breastfeeding support clinic at the hospital this afternoon. While there, we had you weighed. In the past two months, you've gained six pounds! That's alot for someone for small. You now weigh 13 lbs, 8 oz. Wow! I knew you were growing, I just didn't know how much.

A reason for that girth may be your tendency to nap as much as possible and you do not like being awake for much more than an hour at a time. Kids grow in their sleep, physically and developmentally. Of course, it helps that I have you wrapped against my body most of the day. It's so much easier for me to accomplish anything with Lily – inside or out – so we don't have to leave you, especially when choking on large balls of phlegm. (Besides, you don't sleep for more than half an hour when we put you down. You startle awake and you just don't fall back asleep... I much prefer those two, three or four hour naps you've had.) It's become so normal for you to be there, Lily often asks, "Where's Finn?" and your Dad doesn't even notice I'm wearing you anymore. Then at night, we usually go to bed between 7 and 8:30 p.m. Once asleep, you've slept as much as six hours in a row. Last night, you were out until 2 a.m. This is a big treat from Lily who, like cousin Keira now, ate every couple hours around the clock. I really appreciate this so feel free to keep it up or improve.

Anyway, it's been nice getting to know you and as that little, joyous personality develops, I'm sure it will get nicer and nicer.

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