Thursday, June 17, 2010

Graduation Day

Today you graduated from preschool and it was a pretty big deal. Apparently they even make preschool graduation cards because Nana got you and Brynn grad cards and gifts. (You got Hello Kitty sunglasses and necklace.)

We made cookies the day before for the party. You wore your new(ish) dress and even requested a special hairdo – ribbon braids. We went to Fabricland to get the specific-coloured ribbons while Nana babysat Finn. You sat for over twenty minutes without complaint while I actually got your hair done.

Dad took the afternoon off and took you early. I arrived with Finn just in time for everything to start. You did a drumming performance and a play called Grow, Flower, Grow.

After that, you donned the grad caps you had made and everyone received their scrolls.

The after-party was full of hugs and snacks and silliness.

You're sure going to miss these guys.

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