Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend report

Sharing leaves with Mommy.

Another weekend over. Another new week to begin. This week will be a long one, too, with neither me or Dad home on Friday. But it was a nice weekend. You and I started it off by taking a walk around the neighbourhood on Friday morning. Actually you, me and puppy. It was so lovely we went to a grass park where we played hide and seek, hid in the spruce trees, layed on the grass and played in the crunchy leaves. As we made our way home, you found a cozy piece of driveway where you and puppy and your pile of rocks sat until the man on the riding lawnmower at the church about three houses away started coming in our direction. You started to panic, grabbed puppy and what rocks you could quickly grab and said, "Oh no. Gonna get puppy, rocks. Let's go, mommy!" Pretty much the same thing transpired when your dad brought out the vacuum on Saturday - except this time you had to protect your bowl of popcorn.

Look wayyyyy up.

Saturday morning brought the arrival of our long-awaited king-size mattress. So Dad put together the base/headboard we got when we were in Calgary while I drew outlines of your (always) naked body with a Sharpie onto packing cardboard. Then the real test began - we layed down for a family nap just after one and didn't wake up until 4:15! Now we know that Nana isn't drugging you to keep you down for so long since you finally did it in our presence.

You get the best ideas - like sitting at the end of someone's driveway so that you can put down your little pile of rocks (right) and have a rest.

Anyway, it was our plan to go to Montana's for supper but no one told us there was a Rider game and all their fans needed to eat out beforehand, filling every restaurant in the south end. We did manage to squeeze into Pasta Prima which was good because you always order, "Noonals, peez" anyway. And it was good. I think we don't go there because we prefer booths so you can roam back and forth while still being contained. But to our surprise, you almost sat in your chair with a booster seat the entire time. And like you always do, you ate your penne alfredo like we don't feed you otherwise. Then you had two big bites of my chicken pesto pizza and half of your strawberry ice cream. Out in the van, you wanted to end all the eating with a piece of gum because you love to chew gum and you chew it well.

Today we were up at 6 and at the grcoery store just after 9. Every time we get groceries, you seem to make your way to the bakery door to wait for someone to give you a cookie. Today it was chocolate chip and marshmallows. While I'd never imagined you could put little marshmallows into cookies, it was awesome. And as always, I usually have to go it alone while you and your dad look at/play with toys. Not that I mind... And tonight we took Skye for a brisk, fresh walk. You ate a whole container of popcorn, your favourite snack, a little box of Smarties and a whole sippy cup of warm milk. Because it gets dark so early, you are convinced that it is very late and you must get your bedtime rituals underway much earlier than we would have decided. You were in teh tub by 7:30 and asleep in your new double bed by 8:30 - which is much nicer for the three of us to read stories in without someone laying half on the floor.

And you fell out of our new, big bed late last night. I remember hearing a thud followed by a wahhhhh. When I looked, you were kinda bent backwards with your legs flat on the floor and the rest of you ninety degrees smushed up against my night table. You didn't remember it today so it couldn't have been too traumatic. I suppose I'll pad the floor tonight in anticipation of you crawling in.

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