Saturday, September 08, 2007


Lately you've been shunning everyone - especially Dad - in favour of mom and only mom. A couple examples:

"Say hi to daddy." You respond with, "Hi Mommy."
"Can Daddy have a kiss?" "Kiss Mommy!"
"Do you want to play choo choos with Daddy?" "Play with Mommy!"

And my favourite from the other day after work... You were chillin' on the couch with mommy when dad came from the kitchen where he was making supper and sat beside us. You gave him an angry kick and screeched, "No – go make noodles, Dad!" Put him in his place.

Last weekend I was cleaning out your closet when I found this size 2 snowsuit - fits perfect with lots of wiggle room. It made me happy that we don't have to buy one this year. You, on the other hand, were absolutely crushed that there was no snow - even though it is nearing the end of summer. Soon enough, kiddo.

Sometimes you try and feed us whatever it is that you're not really eating. You reached an offering across the table at your dad and said slyly, "Come on, dad." Quite the coaxing; you should be a little salesperson.


This morning we threw some peanuts out for the two squirrels that had ran across the power line and down into our yard. Later we were eating peanuts in bed (while Dad painted the bedroom the third different colour in a week). Since you liked peanuts, I was trying to make the connection between those and peanut butter. I said, "I like peanut butter on bread and toast." You said, "Me, too, Mom." Though you didn't mean it and I couldn't get you to accept the offer of a pb&j sandwich, it was one of the first times you said 'me' instead of 'Yaya'.


You have been fairly obsessed with Canada flags, which you pronounce Can-a-day flags. You see them everywhere. On licence plates, on houses, on stores, on books. The cutest are the "tiny baby Canaday flags" which only need to be smaller than you.

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