Sunday, September 16, 2007

In training

For lack of a better term, you have been in training to use the toilet. Maybe six or more months ago, we bought a potty and put it in the bathroom. The reaction to it was rather dismal, even violent if we suggested you use it. So, we never mentioned it but we read books about the potty and they were by far the favourites for awhile.

One day about three or four months ago you wanted to use it. You peed and I jumped up and down and clapped my hands because I was so proud. And watching me clap and jump and praise you was reserved only for those times. And you liked that part so much that you would sit on the potty and say, "Jump. Clap." Nana would have to jump and clap and Dad would have to jump and clap. The look on your face was one of such extreme pride.

It's been pretty good and only getting better, too. You probably make it about three-quarters of the time now. When you are totally distracted or just plain tired, you'll have an accident. Or like when you were playing computer games with Nana last week and you peed while sitting on her knee! Usually, you'll say, "Pee! Hurry, Mommy, hurry. Pee!" So we scoop you up, run really fast and get you there just in time. It's easier for you to know when to go when you are naked. (In reality, that's most mornings after you take off your pajamas and diaper.) I don't know why it's easier when you are without pants. And if you have a diaper, you'll pee in it without a second thought. Mysteries of life, I guess.

Fortunately (actually it's quite unfortunate) you rarely poop so we never worry about not making it to the toilet in time for that. And that's a whole other story... One I probably won't tell.

I always sing that awful Pull-ups song from the commercials, "I'm a big kid now!" Oddly enough, it's beginning to be true.

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