Monday, September 24, 2007

Boundless bouncing

Some days I get tired just looking at you. You have been jumping for four days. Sometimes you get sad and say, "Crib go?" We tell you that you are a big girl now with a big girl bed and that we took apart the crib because you slept in it for less than five hours - in your entire life. But we do have the mattress and it is a wonderful springy platform.

You jump on the bed, on your crib mattress, the mini trampoline, on the couch, you jump down each stair on your descent, you jump up the stairs holding our hands, you jump in the pool. You even "super jump" off of the kitchen counter into our arms. Sometimes we have to jump with you. Sometimes you lay on the trampoline and I jump with a foot on each side of you to bounce you. Sometimes you jump three feet forward and hit my body with blunt force.

You are all about jumping. It is how you burn all your calories and never gain weight.

Not an action shot.

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