Saturday, September 01, 2007

A flair for technology and language

You love the picture of yourself talking on the phone in the masthead. You point it out everytime you turn on the computer, which is often. You probably spend more time on the computer than your dad does at home. And you probably know how to use it better than Nana. Every morning you climb up onto the computer chair and turn on the computer, ready to start your day. You just need to work on your mouse(y) skills.

This morning you and your dad were perusing YouTube, as the two of you do alot. This is currently your favourite video. Makes you smile everytime. And how catchy is that song!

While you were watching another video, you quite deliberately turned down the volume two notches. Your dad keeps it loud because he must be losing his hearing at the old age of 29.

You are also obsessed with all the movies of yourself that we post on Vimeo. The other day we went wayyy back to when you were 13 months old. You could say daddy way before you ever said mama. You also love to watch yourself sing and oh, the horsey ride in Calgary.

Speaking of horsey, you have been adding "y" (or "ie") to the end of everything. It's kind of cute how you have developed your own flair for language, but it really throws us sometimes. Like when you hold up a stick and call it a sticky. And how we live in a housey. "Yaya's housey." Kissy and huggy. What do you want to eat? Icey. Nana has become Nanny - which she'll even answer to.

Tonight we were sitting in the sandbox when you found a sticky...a stick. You stuck it into the hole of a crab squeaky toy and started singing, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to mom." It surprised us that you could devise this all on your own. But then again, you can also say complex things like pygmy marmoset. I supposed you'll never cease to amaze...

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