Sunday, March 04, 2007


You just about broke my heart today. We were at the mall getting a few things for supper. Outside of Safeway are those kid's rides. I don't remember them costing more than a quarter but now they cost a whole dollar. Anyway, you had a vague interest in them so we thought it would be fun to give you a ride on one. There were other kids pretending to ride the hot dog truck and the helicopter so you got the car with the dalmation behind the seat. When I put the loonie in, you weren't quite sure what to make of it but you quickly warmed up, turning the steering wheel and pushing the buttons while slyly smiling. By the time it was over, there were other kids there with their mom and they were going to go for a ride so your dad promptly picked you up so they could have a chance. Almost immediately you were distraught. You began to cry very loudly, throwing your arms toward the ride. We had never seen you become so quickly attached and asked you to wave bye-bye to the rides (what normally works in the toy section) and began to whisk you away to the other end of the mall where the car was. You wailed the entire way. I never thought that would be my kid...not that I was embarassed. It was all quite sad. When we were almost to the exit, we stopped to put on your coat to which you violently protested. We tried to comfort you, telling you next time we come we could ride the car. You were having none of it so we stuffed your flailing arms into the jacket when you suddenly stopped crying, looked up at me and said, "please?" I was so close to tearing up. We've been practising our manners all weekend and you used them. In the right context. I almost took you back right then, but obviously had to say no. You're spoiled, but not too spoiled.

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